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Using A SonicWall TZ router with Uverse


Using A SonicWall TZ router with Uverse

Hi All - 


I have a SonicWall TZ200 that I'd prefer to use over the Motorola NVG589 that came with my new service. T


The problem is that the line going into the Motorola unit is a standard RJ11 phone jack, not an RJ45 Cat 5 head. 


Has anyone come up with a good solution to get the Motorola unit out of the way? 


Thanks - 




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Re: Using A SonicWall TZ router with Uverse

Hello robrichtx,


The solution, is that there isn't a way to get the Motorola Unit out of the way. The Motorola NVG589, also known as your Residential Gateway (RG), is the device in charge of connecting, receiving, authenticating, and distributing your U-Verse services. 


It is possible to use your third-party router alongside the RG, and have it handle your Local Area Network exclusively if you wish. You would connect your router to the RG using IP-Passthrough mode. 


If you are a U-TV subscriber, you must keep the DVR, STBs, and/or WirelessAP connected to the RG (or switch, if applicable.) Also, if you do use your router in IP-Passthrough mode, you may not be able to watch In-Home Live TV online using the U-Verse Apps or unless you connect directly to the RG. 

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Re: Using A SonicWall TZ router with Uverse

robrichtx - Do I understand what you are saying? The Motorola has RJ-11 access and the Sonic has RJ-45 and you want to connect the two. If you do not want to make a custom cable, you can do this with a cable with RJ-11 on both ends. The RJ-11 plug plugs into the RJ-45 jack & feeds the signal on the center prongs.


Probably the easiest & least expensive way to do this is to use a long cat5 cable with RJ-45 ends connected between theSonic and this RJ-45 connector - - Or another just like it. Use a short jumper with RJ-11 ends, such as is used for a wall phone to connect to the RG.

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Re: Using A SonicWall TZ router with Uverse

Kind of a bummer to have to have the RG and all the little TV WAPs floating around as well - makes for a mess and also another level of troubleshooting. Not to mention, if I want to use the UVerse APPs, I'll have to log onto the SSID of the RG, which I curently have disabled. 


The good news is that with the  SonicWall in place, and my Aruba Wireless APs, I am getting consistent 18Mb or bettter downloads. Using the RG, I was getting anywhere from 11 to 16. I am not impressed with it at all. 


AT&T should include an option for advanced users that allows us to get rid of the RG. I know we're a minority, but we're also the biggest cheerleaders/detractors. 



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Re: Using A SonicWall TZ router with Uverse

I'm with Rob. I had things running perfectly with TWC and my dual-band AP with DD-WRT. The hoops I'm having to jump through to get this working with the NVG589 are excessive and I'm still only getting ~5 Mb down (paying for 20). I suppose I'll have to call and deal with some schmoe asking if I've rebooted (or, "power cycled" as they like to say) the router to see if that fixes things...and then referring me to tier-2 support.
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