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UVRT reporting wrong channel


UVRT reporting wrong channel

I am getting a strange return from UVRT when I look at the Channel/Stream page.  It does not show the correct channel my receivers are tuned to.  For example see the attached pix.  UVRT reports the Family Room tuned to 1840 when in reality it is tuned to 1202 CNN...?


I'm also running into occassional issues with receivers getting pre-empted by another receiver when I try to have more than 3 HD streams running.  I noticed that my profile is set to 25208/2040 whereas UVRT recommends a 32200/5040 profile.  If the profile were changed to 32/5, would that support more than 3 HD streams and if so, what should I do to change the profile?


Many thanks


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Re: UVRT reporting wrong channel

UVRT is the work of Somejoe7777, not a ATT Uverse supported product.
While many, including myself, appreciate the availability, we cannot help you with that issue.
Recommend you send a PM to Somejoe7777, if desire more information.

Uverse assigned profiles based on distance to VRAD, need to be less than 2200 feet to have 32/5 profile.
I believe UVRT recommends based on Max sync rate.

On the 25/2. Profile (current) have Max internet speed of 18/1.5 (if subscribe), 3HD/1SD for IP TV.
Once three HD channels are in use, either watching or recording, the 4th available input channel must be SD.
The 32/5 profile does support 4HD channel feeds.

If desire may call 800-288-2020 or chat to have your profile reviewed.
If your Max sync is over 38M, good SN, AND Uverse measured distance is under 2200 feet, may request profile change.
Distance is Uverse line test, not UVRT. Recently some posted about UVRT listing 1900 feet, ATT testing 2500 feet, request denied.

The UVRT, I expect, uses a predetermined wire gauge size in calculation. The actual plant may have 22, 24, 26 wire or a combination there of.

Hopefully later this year the 17a with vectoring will released allowing for improved performance including HD capabilities.
until that happens you may have to just wait with current profile.
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Re: UVRT reporting wrong channel

many thanks for the speedy reply!
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