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U-verse modem network and DHCP

U-verse modem network and DHCP

I'm looking to upgrade from AT&T DSL service (originally sbcglobal) to U-verse; I currently have a Motorola Netopia DSL Modem. Local network is configured as I have disabled the wireless radio, and connected a Cisco/Linksys EA4500 running in bridge mode to serve as the Wireless access point. Questions concerning the U-verse modem:

1) Can I configure local network as rather than

2) Does DHCP support static mappings that I can configure?

3) Is there a limitation on number of DHCP addresses that can be active? Seem I saw somewhere that U-verse would support "up to 10 devices." Not sure where that limitation might be imposed... With PC's, tablets, game consoles, smart phones, and wireless printers, I can't live with 10 device limitation.

Thanks for information


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Re: U-verse modem network and DHCP

1) Yes you can
2) Yes, you don't configure static IP via the individual computers NIC, but you assign them in the RG instead
3) Limitation is not on DHCP but limiting simultaneous devices connecting via wifi would be wise if you want performance. But since you're using a router-behind-router setup, that's all fine.

There is no true bridge mode with most Uverse modems, but there are options for setup through IP Passthrough or DMZ+ mode.
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Re: U-verse modem network and DHCP

Thanks for the quick response. Since I have my Cisco/Linksys in bridge mode, I don't need to put the u-verse modem into bridge mode anyway. That capability would provide some options if I wanted to use the Cisco as a router, So far (with DSL) it's worked fine to use the Cisco as a wireless access point, and let the AT&T supplied modem./router do all the layer 3 and above stuff, i.e. routing, NAT, firewall, DHCP, etc.


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