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U-verse Outage -Things To Know From AT&T

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U-verse Outage -Things To Know From AT&T


How To Quickly Check Status of an Outage


Seconds Count! Using the myAT&T app helps you get things done faster, on your terms, so you can focus on what matters most! Not only can you check the status of an outage, you can troubleshoot without having to call in! Please know that if you are affected by an outage, our teams will work as quickly and efficiently as possible to restore service! If there was damaged caused to the lines at your home or equipment, our teams have to wait until the outage is clear before and appointment can be created or dispatched. 


Note: In some instances, resetting the modem may restore service. If you are affected by an outage, your appointment may be placed on hold. DVR functionality is unavailable during an outage. 


How to Access myATT to check on an outage

Mobile or Smart Device - text the word myATT to 556699 from any device and get a link to download the app. Click here to download it on your device.


Desktop Version - Go to att.com/myATT

  1. Log into the app or website using your member ID & password and select, Fix It Now!
  2. A test will automatically run and let you know of any issues on your account. 

How to check if you are in an outage

The process is very easy. Once you login to the myAT&T app, select Fix it now!

Fix it Now.jpg


A diagnostic test will immediately run and let you know if there are any issues with your U-verse service.



You can be notified once the outage is cleared.



David, AT& Community Specialist 


AT&T Customer Care

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*I am an AT&T employee, and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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When AT & T starting "digging" for their fiber optic lines, not only did they leave our community in a mess, but many of us were without phone and internet.  The latest happened on December 14th and lasted until December 20th and the reason I was given was the the OLD wires had deteriorated and they needed to "FIND THEM" to replace them.  In this day and age of communications the length of time was TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE and I was NOT kept informed like they promised.  Then when I called for a credit, the person said, it "might" show up on next billing period.  Once again, this is NOT acceptable.  I had to use DATA on my cell phone (hooray, I have VERIZON) to be able to access the internet which I need and require on a DAILY basis.  I am fed up and looking for an alternative.

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Hi @pepperxxx,


Sorry to read of your experience. Do you have U-verse Internet and Phone or do you have DSL and land-line service? 



Need help?
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*I am an AT&T employee, and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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Phone and internet (DSL)
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We have been without Internet since Christmas evening and after 1 hour waiting in a queue yesterday, we were told it wasn't going to be fixed until the 27th at 6PM.  If that happens that is 48 hours.  Totally unacceptable outage length.  

Oh and, the first thing I always here about it check the MODEM -- which I don't have because I have an IFTFL fiber slow connection and it must say that in the record.

I am typing now using my cell phone as a hot spot.  <sigh>  I only get so much data and then the connection slows and I have to prepare my online classes for the upcoming semester.

I can download an "app" to review outage status but can't get to outage status on the web???  What is with that?

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Outage in California

Hi there! My name is Daniel and I am asking about the current outages going on all over the country. For me, it began about 56 hours ago and I can't stand it. I know it isn't my router because I did everything that I was told to to try and fix it and yet, there's still an issue. Wifi hasn't worked which is a serious issue as well since I need to practice chemistry with looking up worksheets and practice quizzes online. I am now forced to use my data in this case and am close to getting charged more for data when I have no choice to. What is going on? When will this be resolved for all of us here who can't call friends and family or can't use wifi?
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Failed Service

Last night my uverse and internet services went in and out for over an hour. Today my services aren't working at all. I called the customer support line only to be told that they don't know why my services aren't working and to call back later. I mean this is very frustrating for someone who has work to do with no Internet and could lose money if I am unable to complete the things I need to get done today. Why is there never any consistency with your services? If it's not my digital life services messing up, then it's my TV and Internet service. What can be done here? I have work to do, yet now I am going to pack up my entire office and go elsewhere to try to complete it in time.
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Known Outages?

Are there any known outages or incremental service disruptions for wireless internet in the 40031 zip code or surrounding area currently?
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Today is day 3 with a service outage in my area. At&t can't tell you when service will be restored or why it's still out. Time to find a new provider pronto.
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Another all day internet outage?

ZIP 32401. Yet another outage. Getting really tired of this, this is the 3rd outage we've had in about 4 months, is this a normal thing for AT&T to experience 6+ hour outages this regularly? What is causing all these issues? Hard to believe people are digging up their lines this often.
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Entire neighborhood is out for 2 days. No progress

Our entire neighborhood's fiber went out on Friday. Customer service keeps sending technicians every day, but each one confirms the issue is at the central office and not with our hardware. There hasn't been any progress in resolving the situation. I didn't know which forum to post this in so please move it if necessary. This outage is impacting fiber internet, TV and phone. If any AT&T employees can assist, please help!
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Network outage

I'd like an update on my internet and the network outage in my area.
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No internet, phone line or uverse tv

Why???? Outrage where?
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Service out in my area, how much longer

I live in Clarendon Hills, IL 60514. My service has been out since, at minimum, 7am yesterday December 27th, now December 28th 6:30am. Talked to a rep yesterday evening, got no real help, other than confirm that there is an issue in my area, I have lost internet, tv, and home phone line. Sending this message from work.


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No Internet in Maryland Heights, Missouri since December 26

Ugh!  I work from home and need the Internet. Why is AT&T not communicating with me and why has this problem has not been resolved? Anyone else having this issue? 

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Uverse is bad don't subscribe

Uverse has been out 6 days. AT&T keeps saying it will be fixed within 24 hours and 6 days later and  to many calls to remember AT&T still hasn't done anything to fix my problem

I think since it's the holidays they just don't want to pay overtime  to actually work on anything during the holidays so they're just making you go without until the holidays are over .

I will be getting service elsewhere.

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