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Re: Trouble getting a signal with AirTies Wi-Fi extender

Trouble getting a signal with AirTies Wi-Fi extender

I've connected an AirTies extender so I can get my Ring doorbell to receive a WI-fi signal. For some reason, the signal, with the extender, is intermittent. Also, the lights signifying the two bands stay solid for a short time or constantly flash and sometimes go off briefly.

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Re: Trouble getting a signal with AirTies Wi-Fi extender

My extender is working perfectly - I just don’t understand why my phone and tablet never connect to the extender even though there is a red box next to each suggesting I use an extender and I literally have both sitting 6 inches away. The lights are on and the top is blinking just like it’s supposed to be. Why are the devices refusing to connect?!? What is the point of spending $60 if they won’t connect to the extender and keep connecting to the Gateway which is completely across a walled room?!?

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Re: Trouble getting a signal with AirTies Wi-Fi extender

Are they working when connecting to the gateway? Maybe the devices need to use the extender's password?

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Re: Trouble getting a signal with AirTies Wi-Fi extender

The only way I’ve seen to reliably determine what you’re connected to is to use the WiFi Coverage Test.  I’ve seen the WiFi Test give me conflicting results. 


Like old cell phones, this mesh system keeps you locked on to the current WiFi source right up to the very end — looked like in excess of a -80 dBm signal. Then and only then will it swap to a more powerful signal. Mine finally dropped the Gateway at -81 dBm and picked up the AirTie that was closer and had a -63 dBm signal.  Like others, I stood inches away from the AirTie, but the device remained connected to the Gateway because it had a Fair signal. Actually, I’m wondering if this is an ATT/AirTies issue or a device issue. I’m not that savvy with this stuff and don’t know what exactly controls the signal transfer — the WiFi system or the connected devices. 


Now, some things with the app. After I finally connected to the wireless AirTie, the app still showed that nothing was connected to it.  The app showed I was connected to the Gateway with a Fair-Weak signal, but my phone indicates a Strong signal AND I was connected to an AirTie (Coverage Test). The other AirTie is wired.  The App shows all other wired devices connected to the AirTie and not the Gateway.  For the Gateway Advanced Settings that takes you to the router settings, the Device list shows the AirTies, but they are not “mesh clients.”  I don’t know if that’s significant or not.  It appears the AirTies work, but they certainly don’t “mesh” because I had to walk into a closet to force a switch. 


Good luck to all. 

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Re: Trouble getting a signal with AirTies Wi-Fi extender

Unfortunately, what I have discovered it that the AT&T Smart Home app is buggy. Sometimes in the app when I open up the “Network Health Check” which is a map of your network, it might show 1 device connected to the Airties but if I go to the “Devices” tab and click on one of the Airties it might say 5 devices are connected to it and it will list the devices that are connected to it but there might only be 3 devices in the list. The best way to tell how many devices are connected to the Airties it is to login to the gateway and look for devices that are showing up as “Mesh Client” but that won’t tell you which Airtie it’s connected to if you have more than 1 Airtie. Also, the Airties won’t be a mesh client because it is just an extension of the gateway and therefore not a client. I am learning that the extenders are an imperfect solution to a limited WiFi system but it does work most of the time. I must say that I have recently had ATT replace both of my Airties because all of my devices (23 sometimes) would all migrate back to the gateway and leave my little Airties all alone but since I replaced them my devices appear to be connecting to them. Hope this helps!

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