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Surge Protector


Surge Protector

A customer service somebody told me today that it is a known problem in the Uverse community that surge protectors cause ground issues with the equipment, and those ground issues could be the reason for my issues.


Does anyone know if there is some truth to that? If this is the case, I need to figure out another solution, as I only have 4 outlets on that wal, and 6 TV-related things to plug in. 

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Re: Surge Protector

If the surge protector is working properly, devices plugged into it will be just as grounded as being plugged into the wall.

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Re: Surge Protector

I know this to be true. I use surge protectors at work every day, and ground issues are easily identified and corrected. I know that mine are in good condition. The CSR said that the first step was to lose the power strip, and if I didn't, she couldn't help me further. 


Thanks for confirming what I thought. There  is no known issue that is caused by a surge protector...obviously unless it is broken.

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Re: Surge Protector

I have multiple UVerse STB/DVR on a surge protector with no issues.

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Re: Surge Protector

I have always had surge protectors that I used with my uverse equipment without any type of grounding, or other, issue. What issue are you having? 

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Re: Surge Protector

I have been having A LOT of problems with my NVG589 shutting down and rebooting itself for no apparent reason, and I was told to unplug from the surge protector and plug directly to the wall.  Apparently, this modem is very 'sensitive'.  

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Re: Surge Protector

Voltage can drop so low that incandescant bulbs dim to 50% intensity.  Even that is perfectly good voltage for a modem.  However an adjacent protector can cause other complications. With each additional 'unknown', a problem becomes exponentially more complex.  Tech support needs a modem connected directly to a wall receptacle to eliminate many complexities.


You have assumed the tech's request is somehow related to voltage.  It is not.  That protector can create other complications.


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