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Strange dial tone after ADT installation


Strange dial tone after ADT installation



I am back with a question.


We have recently have an alarm system installed.  Everything ey ok Smiley Happy, however, since then, our phones, although no problems with calls so far, now have strange dial tone.  It starts with a few short beep beep, then the long regular one.  Also, the indicator lights on the phones are blinking.  Does this mean anything?


I just want to make sure that phones are not bugged or being monitored by some outsiders.  Paranoia is starting to set now that I read more about cases where some alarm system companies' staff had been suspects in some cases of break-ins...ugh!

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Re: Strange dial tone after ADT installation

Bongd1983 - That is anew one. I would call ADT and describe the tones and that it happened because of their work. Ask if they are signalling that the alarm is working. Make it a specific question not a general accusation.
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Re: Strange dial tone after ADT installation

I am simply stating in my post what I have read on this matter.  I even mentioned that "paranoia" is a factor here.  I posted here to see if anyone else has experienced this since I read some posting on ADT/Uverse connection but did not find anything that answered my questions.  I AM NOT POINTING A FINGER AT ANYBODY!

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Re: Strange dial tone after ADT installation

If you have the Uvoice VoIP service the short tones followed by the long tone sounds like the stutter tone you get when you have a voice mail message waiting.  The next time you here that tone enter *98 on the phone dial pad and then setup your voice mail by following the prompts.  That is the stutter tone I get when there is a voice mail message waiting.

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Re: Strange dial tone after ADT installation



Just before I posted the message, I went online and check our phone settings and I saw that there was a voicemail in there.  Deleted that and now that I checked the dial tone...that strange dial tone is back to normal.


This is the kind of reply I am looking for.  You just put my mind at ease!!!!


You're awesome!!!!

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Re: Strange dial tone after ADT installation

Glad to know that you are able to feel comfortable about your services.  And thanks for the chuckle.Smiley Happy  If you ever have any questions, comments, or concerns feel free to post them here in the forum.  There are plenty of people who are ready, willing, and able to you assistance in the form of information, suggestions, and solutions.  Enjoy.

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