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Sporadic High Ping


Sporadic High Ping

Hi, I am constantly having really bad ping spikes which makes many online games unplayable for me.

I have a

PACE DSL Gateway Model 4111N

and DSL 3mbps connection.

I suspect that the problem has to do with having several devices active at the same time. 2 Desktops, 2 phones, a laptop, and netflix on the TV. These other devices must be sucking all the bandwidth away from me from time to time. Here is a pic of a pingtest from my desktop to the gateway.

You can see the frequent lag spikes. Is there some way to deal with this problem? Some setting on my gateway configuration? I had some latency problems with Comcast years ago, but it was never this frequent.

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Re: Sporadic High Ping

Hello, is there any solution to this besides getting a commercial-grade router?

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Re: Sporadic High Ping


Hi Voxx123,


Are those other devices and services being used at the same time as you're trying to play? The issue is most likely not your router, but the amount of bandwidth and how many devices/users are sharing it.




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Re: Sporadic High Ping

On top of what ATTDmitriyCM asked,

Is this wired or wireless?


As mentioned above, there may be a lot of devices using up the bandwidth.


I remember that when I had 3 Mbps U-verse(had more upload than what you have) my latency would jump pretty high whenever I would download something.


If that's the case, you may want to upgrade to the Elite tier if it's available or upgrade to U-verse(if available).

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Re: Sporadic High Ping

I have tried both wired and wireless. Nothing changes.


Edit: Unfortunately, U-verse is not available where I live.

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