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Smart Home Manager - Learn How To Personalize Your Network

Smart.gifThe Smart Home Manager just got smarter! Personalize your home Wi-Fi network and more with our free app for AT&T Internet customers. 


The Smart Home Manager gives you easy access to all the home network information you need. You can:

  • Register your account before your install date to gain access to the U-verse App.
  • View devices connected to your network
  • Invite guests to connect to your network via email
  • Disconnect devices from your network (with some Wi-Fi gateways)
  • View your Wi-Fi network information
  • Change your Wi-Fi network name or password

Note: Smart Home Manager features vary by Wi-Fi gateway model.


Accessing Smart Home Manger

You can access via:


Smart Home Options

Register your Account

What you need:

  • Account Number - If you're not sure what your Account Number is, learn how to find it.
  • Passcode - This is the unique passcode that was setup when you ordered your service.

The Smart Home Manager App makes it easy to register your account. Once you have the information above, launch the Smart Home Manager app and follow the instructions. It will guide you step by step in setting up your userID, password, and setup your security questions.


Home Page

The home page displays the total number of devices connected to their network, based on the time you log into Smart Home Manager. If you want to refresh to see the most current number of devices on the network, select Refresh, and Smart Home Manager updates with any of the added devices.

The home page will show how many of each device is connected. To find out more about the devices, click on the device icon.

At the bottom, there are options to go to the Device Page or Invite Guest.


Invite Guest 

This option lets you E-mail your WiFi information to a guest. If you are accessing the Smart Home network on desktop, when clicking the icon, it will pull up your default E-mail program listed on your computer.  If you are accessing it on a mobile device, it will take you to your default messaging app.

Enter the guest's E-mail address or contact information and a message will already be composed with the network name and password to your guest network.

Smart Home Home Page.png


Device Page

The device page shows all the devices connected to your network. The devices highlighted with green dots are currently connected to the network. The devices that are grayed out are not showing on the network currently.

From here, you can select each device to find out more about it.

On select gateways, you will be able to enable/disable the WiFI access for that device

Smart Home Device Page.png


Network Page

The Network tab provides your Wi-Fi name and password for each of your networks, and indicates whether the Wi-Fi is enabled.

From here you can change your network name or your network password by clicking the right arrow next to the appropriate field.

You can also disable/enable the guest network, and under Advanced options, you can reboot the gateway.


Support Page

Find all the popular solutions to problems you may experience.



AT&T Customer Care

Need help with an account specific question?  Post a new question here on the forums by clicking the "Ask a Question" button.
For additional support, please visit us at our AT&T services hub.
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*I am an AT&T employee, and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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Re: Smart Home Manager

I have the SHM app, and a BGW210 Gateway, with three AirTies 4920 mesh extenders. This app is completely incapable of representing my network setup.

Sometimes, I see everything directly connected to the GW, sometimes devices show as wired when they are wireless. Sometimes it shows my ring doorbell at the back of the house as having a bad signal, but within the Ring app it shows the signal to be in the region of -30db!!! One of the AirTies (wired ethernet) is sitting not three feet away from the Ring doorbell.

I see my iPhone X as "wired" sometimes. When the app shows the iPhone to be on WiFi, connected directly to the GW, and then I perform a "WiFi Test" from within the Tools menu in the app, it shows the iPhone X as connected via 5Gig WiFi at around -55db to the nearest AirTies extender. This WiFi Test seems to have the only reliable data output....

How on earth can you trust any data to be correct with this app? Come on AT&T, you are better than this. Get with the program. We pay you good money for your services - how about you deliver as advertised?

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Re: Smart Home Manager

I need to get my phone to connect at 2.4GHz instead of 5GHz, to setup a new devise.  Is it as simple as logging onto the guest/secondary login of my router?  Is the guest status always at 5GHz and the main internet connection at 5?

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Re: Smart Home Manager

I more than understand your frustration. I  am having a not so pleasant experience with the fiber optic internet and the airties extenders. I share your pain and continue to search for resolutions.  

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Re: Smart Home Manager

Yup. I actually gave up and now have two Apple Airport Extremes and two 1200 TP Link extenders. All strategically placed. Couldn’t be happier.
My advice is throw the AirTies away, they are junk.
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Re: Smart Home Manager

I'm just about at that point Dominic1000. The app and diagnostic tools are less than useless and the people I get to chat with at tech support are less than helpful! I have NEVER been so aggravated in all my life than i have been over the last 2 months with AT&T as well as this NOT so lightning speed fiber optic internet that someone talked me into!! I'm extremely disgusted with the entire ordeal!!!

I truly appreciate your insight.

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