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Slow speeds while in DMZ+ mode


Slow speeds while in DMZ+ mode

I have tried three different routers and all of them run at 60 mbps down and around 220 up.  What is wrong with my Pace 5268AC.


First modem:

WNDR3700 - returned


Second Modem:

ASUS RT68U - still have and running dd-wrt


Third and final which I'm keeping:

pfsense box running on a quad core i5 with two Intel Gigabit PCI Network cards.


Long and short is I tried to put all of these in cascaded router mode / DMZ+ and everyone of them gave me the same speeds.  However if I hook up directly to the Pace I get 950 +/- down and 950 +/- up.


What gives?  I have seen other people with the same problem.  The Pace's firewall settings are horrendous, plus I can't monitor my bandwidth using NetFlow like I can with my pfsense.  I'm very close to cancelling AT&T and going back to Comcast.



Chris P.

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Re: Slow speeds while in DMZ+ mode


Try checking the duplex setting, see if that is the cause of the issue you are experiencing,

Tony–AT&T Community Specialist

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Re: Slow speeds while in DMZ+ mode



Thanks I did, tried to put on Auto-Negotiate and chose 1000 Full Duplex, didn't make a difference.  I also ran an iperf test on my pfsense router and all the various clients I have hooked up and am getting between 650-750 Mbps between clients. However speedtest.net and att.com/speedtest both are only showing like 60 Mbps down and 225 or so up.  I am using all CAT 6 Cable, that was the first thing I checked. 




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Re: Slow speeds while in DMZ+ mode

Have you guys fixed this issue? I'm facing this issue now. I have the gigabit internet as well. I tried different combinations and everytime, the dmzplus mode drops the speed to 50mbps down and ~200mbps up. I've tried all suggested workarounds (ipv6 disabled, wireless turned off, auto-detect to 100Base and back to auto-detect). All this didn't do any good.


I tried doing this with my mac and my nighthawk router like this:

 - Mac-Nighthawk-Pace (with Nighthawk as DMZ) = no good

 - Mac-Pace (with Mac as DMZ) = no good

 - Mac-Nighthawk-Pace (no DMZ) = I get gigabit speeds

 - Mac-Pace (no DMZ) = I get gigabit speeds

Something is off with Pace DMZ+ mode that causes the internet speed to slow down to just ~50mbps.

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Re: Slow speeds while in DMZ+ mode

Same issue here, please tell me there's a fix in the works.

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Re: Slow speeds while in DMZ+ mode

Same EXACT issue here. I just got off the phone with support, no help at all. I did a MAC clone and verified that out of DMZ+ mode, I get full GBit. As soon as I enable DMZ+, I'm locked at 50Mb/s down. 


EDIT: Per this thread comment on Reddit, https://www.reddit.com/r/ATT/comments/9nhajt/5268ac_issue_information/e96ykzd, I contacted support. Unfortunately, they do not have any other devices available other than the 5268 (go figure). They're sending me a new one. Hopefully it doesn't have the same firmware.

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Re: Slow speeds while in DMZ+ mode

I'm seeing the same issue and I'm 99% sure it's due to an update.  I had been running my own router behind the AT&T gateway for several months without any issues. I had to make a change in the AT&T Gateway but the UI page would never fully load to allow me to make my change.  I had to reset the AT&T gateway and it after the reboot, it rebooted a couple more times.  After I added my router back into the DMZ my speeds dropped to 50mbps.  If I leave my router double NAT'd I get 900mbps.


If someone finds a resolution to this issue please let me know.  I cannot deal with AT&T support because it's a waste of time.  If this issue keeps up I will be forced to cancel my uverse.


Model: 5268AC


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Re: Slow speeds while in DMZ+ mode

Wow, and I just thought it was me. DMZ+ has been working fine for years with my pfSense setup, and just in the last few days it's been capped at 50. Sure enough if I Double NAT it now I'm getting full speed. This is absolutely unacceptable.

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Re: Slow speeds while in DMZ+ mode

Same here. I usually get 850 mbps give or take, as soon as I enable DMZplus I get capped at 50 mbps. It was working for me for at least a year just fine. So I agree it must be due to a pace modem firmware update. It started happening 2-3 weeks ago for me.


Is there any way to revert to a previous pace modem firmware?


Customer service gave me $50 credit adjustment this month and will be calling ATT every month expecting the credit adjustment until this issue is resolved. 


I first found the issue when I couldn't transfer files over SCP from home to my cloud servers (AWS and Linode). My SSH connections get killed if I try transferring any files larger than 5MB! It's such a pain.


Here are some MTR reports which made me aware the issue was on my side.



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Re: Slow speeds while in DMZ+ mode

Me too!!!  Argg I just wasted an hour or so to figure out the dmz plus is what is limiting my bandwidth to 50mbs.  If I remove it then I get like 800.  


I guess I gotta call their technical support when I get some time.  

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Re: Slow speeds while in DMZ+ mode


I confirm I see the same issue here with edgerouter 4 behind 5268AC with firmware DL capped at around 50 Mbps when DMZ+ enabled, and ~ 850 Mbps otherwise (fiber connection).



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Re: Slow speeds while in DMZ mode

I called support and they are shipping me a different gateway. Not a 5268ac
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Re: Slow speeds while in DMZ mode

I'm dealing with this as well.  I was even testing two identical Datto routers, one in DMZ+ and one using DHCP and couldn't figure out why the one on DHCP was running at line speed and the one in DMZ+ was 50/220.


This is unacceptable garbage (yet again) from ATT.

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Re: Slow speeds while in DMZ mode

  I just ran into this as well.   My setup has been in DMZ mode for 1 1/2 years with no issue.  Something has happened in the past few days that introduced this speed issue and general 

gateway instability.

Download Speeds are capped around 48Mbs.  If I change the 'Lan IP Allocation between DMZ -to-  Private IPs with firewall'  I am back to 700-800Mbs.


I first noticed a issue on Friday November 30th.  My security system could no longer get out but everything else seemed to work..  It uses a SIP protocol (voice over IP).   A reboot of the gateway fixed the issue.   Then I started having some issues with discord voice chat and some video streaming.   That is when I noticed the speed dropped into this 40mbs range. 

I also noticed at this point the 'wifi' light on the gateway was blinking when I know I had shut off the wifi at installation time (1 1/2 years ago).  Somehow it had enabled the 5ghz band by itself.

It took forever to get the web page to come up so I could disable it again.   It seems that some of the web pages on the gateway are now getting stuck for 10mins+.   


This feels like a really bad software update.


My gateway information:

Model 5268AC , Hw version 260-2173300 , Software Version


For now I will have to live in non DMZ mode.   I will try to contact support during the week.   I really dread that process.


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Re: Slow speeds while in DMZ mode

If you go to dslreports ATT forum there are instructions on how to downgrade to v10.7 which fixes the issue temporarily.
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