Slow DSL internet surfing after 8:00PM


Slow DSL internet surfing after 8:00PM

DSL internet surfing practically comes to a stand still after 8:00PM. Started about a month ago.

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Re: Slow DSL internet surfing after 8:00PM

For about 2 months, DSL has been erratic with speed between .3 to 1 Mbps down and .2 to .3 up, measured using both CNET and ATT speed tests. My setup for the measurement is a bare bone computer connected directly to the ATT modem wired directly to the NID to eliminate both router and premices wiring influences.  Latency is now close to 190ms for a known pingable site, and tracert shows that most is spent in the DSLAM [up to 80ms] and the ATT DNS resolver [up to 80ms] to Speeds are higher at night, but very bad during the day, especially at business opening time and after lunch. 

Modem is a SpeedStream 1500 bought from ATT.

Modem statistics are as follow:

Max Allowed Speed (kbps) To Modem 1536 To Internet 384

SN Margin (dB) To Modem 31.0

Line Attenuation (dB) To Modem 24.0

Loss of Signal To Modem 0

Loss of Frame To Modem 0 To Internet 0

CRC Errors To Modem 5 To Internet 5


Any suggestion ?

Cheers, vince888




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Re: Slow DSL internet surfing after 8:00PM

@JbellPringerH and @vince888 , are you still having trouble? We can try to help. Send us a private message by clicking here. Include your full name, contact number, account number and the best time you can be reached.  We'll do our best to help!

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