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Set up DLink DCS-933L Camera wirelessly?


Set up DLink DCS-933L Camera wirelessly?

Trying to set up our new DLink DCS-933L camera up with my laptop, and the directions state it has to be cabled to my router to configure it. That's fine, and I was able to do that in our current house where we have Comcast service and a standard PC router, but in our 2nd house in another area, where we have UVerse, the router/modem is in a nearly inaccessible location on a high shelf and very difficult to even see the back side where the ports are, as the cables are essentially tied down. Not impossible, I guess, but challenging.


I contacted DLink for instructions to configure it wirelessly on the same network via the MyDlink android app, but it is not seeing the camera. Here's what they sent:


If you have a smart phone android or an iOS phone please follow the steps below:

- Make sure the phone is connected to the wireless network of the router

- Download the My D-Link Lite app from the app store or google store

- Launch the app and click "local"

- Clicked the "refresh" icon and the app will scan for available camera within the network

- Once the camera is found tap on the camera

- Setup a password for it

- Select the correct time zone

- Create a My D-link account

- Activate your My D-Link account

- It show the cameras live video if it's properly setup.


I did all that, but as noted, it did NOT find the camera, stopping at that point, of course.


I told DLink support this and they were somewhat surprised, and offered to do a live call but as we are not at the house that frequently to do this, figgered I'd see if anyone here has any advice first.





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Re: Set up DLink DCS-933L Camera wirelessly?

@eppack - It does seem to me that the app cannot see the camera because it is not on the network. It needs a step to get it on the network, catch 22.


Perchance, do you have u-verse TV wired from the RG to an STB or any other device.

If you have a cat5 cable disconnect it at that other end & use it for the camera.

You may need to reboot the RG.

If you have an STB wired COAX plug the camera in to the RJ-45 network jack on the STB.


At the RG -the RJ-45 plug will allign & slide into the jack very easily. Tape a quarter inch dowel to the cable & plug it in. It may be more difficult to remove - to depress the clip that holds it. Either break the clip before you insert it or leave it when you are done.


Often, it helps to use different words when making a request. Call back & ask if there is a WPS method for connecting to the wi-fi. If you get that the WPS probably needs to be enabled in the RG.


The app may be used for setup instead of a computer, but the camera must first be on the network.


RE: Clicked the "refresh" icon and the app will scan for available camera within the network

If the camera is just sitting there how can it be found. Of course, it must be powered. It may have a blutooth for the initial pairing, so it must be close to the phone.


Call back & see if you can get more info on how this step works. If it can be connected USB you could connect it to a computer.


I can only guess. Dlink can tell you if you get the right person & say the right words. Don't hesitate to come at it from more than one direction. I have found that challenging an assertion usually produces useful info. Lowers the guard & they blurt out something meaningful.

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‎04-30-2016 6:11 AM

Re: Set up DLink DCS-933L Camera wirelessly?

@eppack -I googled the camera & the first item is the maual - https://www.google.com/#q=dcs-933l+setup


On page 17 it says you can add the camera to the wi-fi  using WPS.  It indicates the app is for setup.

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Re: Set up DLink DCS-933L Camera wirelessly?

My bad, come to find out that while the back side IS inaccessible, I never noticed that the WPS button was actually on the front Smiley Happy What can I say?? Smiley Happy So I followed the instructions and pressed the WPS button on the camera as directed, then the WPS button on the router, and voila! In business!


Thanks for pointing me to the solution, @aviewer



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Re: Set up DLink DCS-933L Camera wirelessly?

@eppack - Glad I could help. Thanks for letting me know that it worked out well.

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