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Securing access to RG


Securing access to RG

I need to limit administrative access to the RG.  I have set a custom password, but anyone that knows the IP and has access to the unit and can read the number on the device is prompted to change the password.  I'm looking for a way to secure the device so only a true administrator (me) can change the password.  Can this be done?  And yes, putting a lock on the door is not currently an option; can the code on the unit be updated by me?  That would prevent others from changing the password since they wouldn't have that piece of information.  TIA.

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Re: Securing access to RG

Just like a computer if you have physical access it is a lot easier to break into or hack something.

Other than putting your own custom password on the router you really don't have any other options other than locking the RG physically somewhere.

If someone has physical access to the box and knows what they are doing they could easily do a hard reset on the box and that will set the device back to the default password on the side of the RG.

Sorry man, not really anything else you can do.
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