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Router is failing


Router is failing


I have a laptop connected to modem by Ethernet. Also, an iPad using wireless and iPhone XR. Several times a day I have to take modem/router (it's a combined unit) off power and plug back in after 15 seconds. After about 1 or 2 minutes iPad or IPhone might start again working or might not. Have to do this several times (sometimes) just to get internet on these two devices. Laptop, because it is connected via Ethernet works fine. This seems to indicate router problem. Will At&T change modem/router and give me two separate units or replace the combined unit. Thanks in advance. 

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‎03-19-2019 7:56 PM

Re: Router is failing

They will replace the gateway. Call customer service and request a new gateway. They will ship it to you and you will self install. You’ll have 21 days to return the old gateway. 




Buy your own wireless router and install it “behind” the gateway. Then turn off WiFi in the gateway. 

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Re: Router is failing

Thanks for this perfectly acceptable and workable solution. Please keep helping us as we need lots of help in this Internet age.
Best regards.
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