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Router behnd the residential gateway


Router behnd the residential gateway

I need some more ethernet ports beyond the four available on the UVerse residential gateway (2wire brand). 

Two questions:


1.  Is there any special procedure, or can I feed an off-the-shelf router from one of the ethernet ports on the gateway? 


2. If the router also has WiFI,I figure I'll have to turn it off. The WiFI on the gateway does fine anyway. How do I shut down the router's WiFi?


I'm not computer savvy, and a simple solution would be nice.  Thanks!

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Re: Router behnd the residential gateway

about as simple as can be...


Just need more ports... available at many locations, but recommended is

No router, no reconfiguring, no wifi issues.

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Re: Router behnd the residential gateway

To explain in more detail, you do not need a ROUTER to add additional ports, as you're not actually routing traffic (moving it from one IP subnet to another).  All you want is more ports, and that can be done by adding a hub (old-skool) or switch (or an access point if you're doing WiFi).


Think of a router as a substation distribution transformer in the power system, and a hub or switch as an extension cord with multiple outlets.  Most of the time you don't need a huge transformer in your back yard - you just need an extension cord or power strip.


Hope this helps.



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Re: Router behnd the residential gateway

Thanks for the prompt responses and the consistent advice.

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Re: Router behnd the residential gateway

It's working just fine, no config problems or anything. Thanks again !
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