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Router Question


Router Question

With the 3600 HGV, it has a 1024 NAT limit. In the past, this limit was sufficient, but with a larger family, close to none NAT connections are available. Seven months ago, I reduce the amount of seconds for the TCP and UDP, and still there is not enough NAT connections available. 


My question is, would adding a third-party router behind the RG and using the capabilities of the third-party router to perform the DHCP and NAT tasks provide more NAT connections?

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Re: Router Question

Hi woohilo07,


You can definitely add a 3rd party router to your configuration to remedy that issue. Every router has a different number of sessions it can handle. All you need to do is set the 3rd party router in DMZ mode, and that router will handle NAT off the devices behind it and handle the inbound and outbound sessions.

With your current sessions using 1024 sessions, it may be exhausting all the bandwidth also, so adding the 3rd party router may not make a difference, so definitely make sure you look into that as well.


Hope that answered your question.


-David T

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Re: Router Question



Your answer was very informative and helpful. Thank you for providing the insight to answer this question.


I do have another question that is not related to my previous question. Currently, I have residental service from AT&T Uverse. I plan to sign up for another line through AT&T Small Business in the same address.


However, I am unsure whether AT&T will support two VDSL2 lines for a residental and business account. Would AT&T provide services for the same person through two different accounts? What would be the limitations for these two accounts?


Thank you for your help, David. I look forward to hearing your response.





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Re: Router Question

Residential service is restricted to one account per address, but may add business account to same address providing both a port is available at VRAD and a feed is available to serving terminal.

Recognize that the business account (internet only or internet/voip) may or may not be vdsl2 could be adsl2+ feed from CO or IRAD to keep vdsl ports for iptv customers. This will affect maximum internet speed availability on business account.

Requires a separate feed, if current install is single pair with cat3 drop either 2 or 6 pair with a free pair available, just need to cat5 homerun to new RG location.
If current install is bonded pair on two pair drop, will need an additional drop wire plus cat5 home run to RG.
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*I am an AT&T employee and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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Re: Router Question

Issue has been resolved.

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