Router NVG510 issues. Please help


Router NVG510 issues. Please help

Been a customer for a while and overall satisfied. Tonight my router quit. I was updating the kids game on the xbox which is a wired connection and it didn't work. I unplugged the router for 5-10 minutes and plugged it back in. Now all the lights flash red. I have read that this means POST failure. How do I fix this fast as possible? Thanks
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Re: Router NVG510 issues. Please help

what router are you use ?

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Re: Router NVG510 issues. Please help

Motorola NGV510 - all lights flashing red at once - POST failure.

Yeah, what exactly does this mean?

Thank you!
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Re: Router NVG510 issues. Please help

Can try factory reset RG, unplug, depress button above power cpnnection back of RG while plugging in.
If this does not resolve issue then need a new RG.

The 510 is a purchased unit, new purchase $100, if less than a year old, needto sent back to ATT via UPS for $100 credit.

The new RG can be shipped direct, you replace or schedule a tech visit requiring a 4 hour appointment window.
If original RG is less than a year, do not let tech take, will not receive credit as tech cannot return unit will just dispose.

If unit is over a year (out of warranty) then spending $100 for new, no credit.
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Re: Router NVG510 issues. Please help

My router is a Motorola NVG510. I researched what it meant when all status lights flashed red. Said it was POST failure. That means the internal system can't start. Like a computer. Those beeps when it first starts are the post tests. It's how computers start. I guess it looks like I'll be getting a new router. Not too happy about this. Couldn't use my own router. Forced to get one that lasted a year and a half. Don't have money for that now. Rather get my kids food and clothes than Internet. Guess I'll be waiting a few weeks. Thanks for the input and explaining my issue.
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Re: Router NVG510 issues. Please help

I repaced a router back in June of 2016---I had Arlo security cameras hooked to the old router that worked fine. After the router was replaced I couldn't reconnect to the arlo base. After trouble shooting with Arlo they said I need to have my provider review the security settings before and after the replacement? I have reset--re-synced-powered off--to no avail. I'm hoping you can help me fix this issue.


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