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Router NVG510 issues. Please help


Router NVG510 issues. Please help

Been a customer for a while and overall satisfied. Tonight my router quit. I was updating the kids game on the xbox which is a wired connection and it didn't work. I unplugged the router for 5-10 minutes and plugged it back in. Now all the lights flash red. I have read that this means POST failure. How do I fix this fast as possible? Thanks
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Re: Router NVG510 issues. Please help

what router are you use ?

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Re: Router NVG510 issues. Please help

Motorola NGV510 - all lights flashing red at once - POST failure.

Yeah, what exactly does this mean?

Thank you!
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Re: Router NVG510 issues. Please help

Can try factory reset RG, unplug, depress button above power cpnnection back of RG while plugging in.
If this does not resolve issue then need a new RG.

The 510 is a purchased unit, new purchase $100, if less than a year old, needto sent back to ATT via UPS for $100 credit.

The new RG can be shipped direct, you replace or schedule a tech visit requiring a 4 hour appointment window.
If original RG is less than a year, do not let tech take, will not receive credit as tech cannot return unit will just dispose.

If unit is over a year (out of warranty) then spending $100 for new, no credit.
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Re: Router NVG510 issues. Please help

My router is a Motorola NVG510. I researched what it meant when all status lights flashed red. Said it was POST failure. That means the internal system can't start. Like a computer. Those beeps when it first starts are the post tests. It's how computers start. I guess it looks like I'll be getting a new router. Not too happy about this. Couldn't use my own router. Forced to get one that lasted a year and a half. Don't have money for that now. Rather get my kids food and clothes than Internet. Guess I'll be waiting a few weeks. Thanks for the input and explaining my issue.
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Re: Router NVG510 issues. Please help

I repaced a router back in June of 2016---I had Arlo security cameras hooked to the old router that worked fine. After the router was replaced I couldn't reconnect to the arlo base. After trouble shooting with Arlo they said I need to have my provider review the security settings before and after the replacement? I have reset--re-synced-powered off--to no avail. I'm hoping you can help me fix this issue.


Gary Brown



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Re: Router NVG510 issues. Please help

Gary, it depends on how you are trying to view your cameras - is it via your LAN or from a remote location via the Internet?


If you can view a connected device list, on your router and you can identify the IP address of the cameras, enter the IP address into a browser and see if you can see the interface you would expect to see.


If your problem is viewing remotely, it could be that you need to open some ports on your router to the cameras. You would have to know the port numbers and the internal IP or mac address of the cameras to do that.


Either way, you are going to have to have some information first so that you can identify the cameras on the network. Did Arlo talk you through how to check that you could communicate with and identify the cameras? "Security settings" has the smell of something you'd find in a cow field to me...

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Re: Router NVG510 issues. Please help

Recently I have also faced a similar issue I unable to connect my router on the computer. Because of the connectivity issue. trying to fix it but I noticed my cisco router not working properly. Then I visit https://www.routertechnicalsupportnumbers.com/blog/fix-cisco-router-not-working/. From here I got the proper solution. I hope you also get that.

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