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Random Disconnects from Motorola NVG589 (U-verse Router, Modem, Gateway)


Random Disconnects from Motorola NVG589 (U-verse Router, Modem, Gateway)

This following scenario has happened multiple times:


While playing a game, I get a message that says "attempting to reconnect to server" (I know this message usually means 'you have lost connection to the internet'). 

I quickly attempt to access other web pages, but to no avail I have no broadband service from my u-verse gateway. (A couple of times I ran to the gateway to check the indicator lights and it shows the top 2 active and then slowly adds more lights as it restarts)

Eventually a new tab opens up ( something) and it shows me an error page that seems to be generated from the gateway on the troubleshooting tab of

After some time I see another page load that says something like " your gateway is restarting please wait 5-10 minutes"

^ but.... I never restarted it????


Anyways just hoping to find some help because it is quite annoying that the equipment AT&T charges me for fails once or twice a day. 


Thanks for your help

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Re: Random Disconnects from Motorola NVG589 (U-verse Router, Modem, Gateway)

Is there something I can do to fix this issue? I have had my router replaced twice in the past 3 months and it has not solved the issue.

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