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Putting one DSL filter in phone box


Putting one DSL filter in phone box

I was just wanting to know if this was the best thing to do to get my speed better for dsl what I did I installed one dsl filter in my outside phone box and took all the other filters off of my phones.

I have a direct line to my DSL modem from the box without filter and I have the phones on there own line with a filter it seemed to make a little bit of a diffrence. But the thing I was wanting to know will the filter keep working on my phones or should I get one of those outside DSL filter boxes?

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Re: Putting one DSL filter in phone box

the dsl filters are connected at each phone not the modem, well there is a filter that has 2 jacks that come with your modem one says telephone and one says modem, the plug that says modem is just a passthrough, this jack is simply for you to be able to plug in a phone to the jack that the modems connected to so you dont lose that additional phone outlet, removing these filters from each phone will induce noice and cause erratic performance, that being said the way you have described your connections seems to be fine as long as you have a a home run to the modem, i personally wouldnt have gone to all that extra work and just plugged in filters at each phone. Also for any future question i would play it safe and plug a filter into all connected jacks regardless if there is a phone there or not, ive seen many times the electrical inducing noise into a bare phone jack causing speed issues on the dsl side.

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