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Purchasing Modem


Purchasing Modem

I just moved from UverseTV to DirecTV, but still have UVerse Internet.  I am being told I cannot buy my own modem, I have to use AT&T's and pay the monthly lease fee.  I asked for a new modem to replace my 2 wire and am told I have to keep it until it needs to be replaced.

AT&T is the only provider that requires a monthly fee and you can't buy your own, won't upgrade it so I can take advantage of the faster wireless speeds for my internal use.  How do you get around their policy?  I may reconsider if I am stuck, there are faster speeds to be had where I live at a cheaper price, and I can own the equipment and upgrade when I need to, not when it fails or I die.

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‎01-06-2016 4:45 PM

Re: Purchasing Modem

As of Jan. 2015, equipment (RG/DVR/STB) is leased from ATT and incur a monthly fee.


There is no "getting around the policy".

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Re: Purchasing Modem

My RG is at 10 years old and I want the faster wireless for use within the house.  I am guessing I have bought it 10 times over with the monthly fee and it is just a cash cow for AT&T.  AT&T should allow upgrades every x number of years.  TW has 100 MB and I can own the hardware for less per month, and I get away from the 20-30 ms latency untruduction at the VRAD. Gigaspeed is not here and I doubt it will be anytime soon, so off to what serves my needs.  Thank you!

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Re: Purchasing Modem

Yes you can get around the policy simply call AT&T and tell them you're having issues with Internet just walk through the questions they will ask you and deny everything, when a tech comes out just ask him to change out the modem.
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Re: Purchasing Modem

I ended up with a new provider, 3 times the speed, less $$$ per month, no contract, and no modem fee. The 8269 was a tipping point, the brains at AT&T decided we should not have wireless repeaters, and when they brought out the 8269 I was forced to buy a wireless router and disable the 8269's WiFi. AT&T of course offered to hardwire an access point in at the back of the house, but I already had hardware there that has worked for over a year in previous versions.
I heard they fixed it in a recent software release, but it goes back to AT&T thinking they know what every customer wants, and if they break something they expect you to pay them to fix it by the hour, pay 3-4 times what the retail price is for equipment, and be happy while their technician learns how to on your install.
I may come back to AT&T some day, but their internet is slow compared to the competition, their installs are sloppy, and they have highly proprietary equipment which they use as an excuse for a monthly fee that is nothing more than a profit base, the excuse they have to control it does not wash, there are no other providers where I live that require you to lease equipment, there is an option to buy it, and buy from various retailers.

After listening to my neighbor this afternoon complaining about his AT&T alarm system being inaccessable since last night it solidifies why I left, there is better out there, and the bonus is, the competition charges less $$$ for better service.

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