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Port fowarding problem with ATT Router (5268AC Model)


Port fowarding problem with ATT Router (5268AC Model)

Not sure what I am doing wrong here. But I am trying to get my port forwarding to work with my Octopi and


So far everything has gone pretty smoothly, I have followed this video here.


But my problem is I am getting "the site can't be reached" error when I try going to my noip domain.


I have an att router that basically just goes into my linksys, the ATT router is a 5268AC Model and the linksys is a WRT1900AC.

I set up the reserved ip for the device on my linksys router. And then setup both HTTP and SSH single port forwarding on my linksys.


But where I am running into problems, is I think the ATT router is not letting the incoming traffic reach my linksys. I tried adding port forwarding on the ATT router (which is a huge pain) but when I go to create an application for port 80 it says I will lose TV service. Probably because that utilizes port 80, I have no idea.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Port fowarding problem with ATT Router (5268AC Model)

I got it to work, I decided just to try opening up port 80 despite the error, and it worked.

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