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Port-Forwarding on the Arris NVG589 Gateway


Port-Forwarding on the Arris NVG589 Gateway

So im trying to forward ports for my xbox 360 on my new arris nvg589 gateway that at&t gave me and ive run into some problems. When i want to do the ports 80 (TCP) and 53 (TCP and UDP) it gives me a message saying "

Warning: The change you are attempting to make may cause AT&T U-verse TV to stop working properly.

The other ones however, ports 3074 (UDP/TCP) and 88 (UDP) work without giving me this message. should i just go ahead and click confirm anyways despite the warning message or is there something i could be doing wrong here?

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Re: Port-Forwarding on the Arris NVG589 Gateway

I type my I.P. address in the web browser but it keeps saying the webpage could not be found??? Please help!

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