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Port Forwarding and Pinholes


Port Forwarding and Pinholes

Hopefully I can articulate this properly. I have an 8601HGV router first off. My PC had to go under the knife (good ole HP) previously I had ports forwarded for gaming and virtual servers. I made the mistake of re-naming my pc and it of course kept the old names in the Home tab under Home Network Devices but when I look in the Details tab my pinholes are listed in a device named minint-srvbd7u, but it is listed as Inactive and my new name is of course listed as Active but when I go to Details nothing is listed for the ports that are forwarded. Will it open the ports anyway by default or should I go thru changing the ports/pinholes again? The thing is when I go to browser ( it shows in Settings>Firewall>Applications,Pinholes and DMZ it shows: "You have chosen minint-srvbd7u" and not the one that is Active which is my pc name.

Is this a non-issue or do I need to have the one that is showing Active?
Here's the list that is in my Network Devices:

IP Address/Name Status Connection

minint-srvbd7u      Inactive Ethernet (?)
sam-HP                 Inactive Wireless
sam-HP                 Inactive Ethernet (old)
minint-p89m5ev     Inactive Ethernet (?)
admin-HP              Inactive Wireless
TRIXIE-PC            Active Ethernet (new)

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Re: Port Forwarding and Pinholes

Hi tazmo8448,


This should be a non-issue, as I believe that the firewall rules are determined by the device's MAC Address, which should not have changed, unless you replaced the network card. If you do notice any issues though, you will want to reconfigure the correct device to the correct pinholes.


Hope that answered your question.

-David T

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Re: Port Forwarding and Pinholes

I would clarify David's response to say that Firewall rules are normally applied by IP address.   The RG will normally keep giving the same MAC address the same IP address as it requests DHCP renewal over and over again so usually it's the same thing... but not always.


I agree that just showing the wrong name isn't necessarily a problem.  Are you having a problem with the application you set up the firewall rules for?



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Re: Port Forwarding and Pinholes

At first I thought I was having issues with the RG but it does seem that when I create a pinhole the ports do stay in the machine til I reboot the RG (which I have done in the past) and I did do the clear Home Network Devices and now only two show up Trixie-HP and minint-srvbd7u. I think the other issues I was experiencing connecting to gaming servers and torrent streams and what not were really related to the settings in the Firewall Rules (in Windows) on the Outbound side. After reading all the scuttlebut on allowing UPnP I have come to the conclusion that AT&T is correct in not allowing that setting which was ' recommended ' on other sites for their servers which along with the ports led me here, thanks Jeffer and David and kudos to youdos.

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Re: Port Forwarding and Pinholes

You must remove all of the old settings, and reset them to the new pc name.

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Re: Port Forwarding and Pinholes

Thanks Ryan-Gills for taking the time to read and answer....question...when you say remove all of the old settings and reset them to the new pc game are you speaking of the RG or Windows Firewall or both? If it isn't too much trouble could you give me an example? I'm not clear on which settings that refer to a new pc game. Tunngle and Remobo VPN's (for example) with created lobbys are having issues with U-Verse where as my AT&T DSL worked before I changed over with the same settings for various games.

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