Password for my RG statistics


Password for my RG statistics

I just recently had my RG replaced with the new 3801 HGV modem.  The wirelss network key works fine to access secure wifi, but the password does not work on resetting the statistics that I collect occassionally on my PC.  I had used a different password with my previous RG, but that password does not work either.  How do I reset the password that I use on my PC for viewing the modem statistics?



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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: Password for my RG statistics

The WEP key isn't RG passsword. Type in the Device Access Code(Located under the on the same sticker as the WEP key) first and then reset the password to what you had on your old RG.

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Re: Password for my RG statistics

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