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Parental Controls on 2wire 3800HGV-B


Parental Controls on 2wire 3800HGV-B

Can anyone tell me how to set up parental controls on this router?


I have 2 teenage boys who use the internet excessively. I am trying to determine how to manage their devices (iMacs) from accessing the internet during certain hours of the day (mostly evenings). 


These kids are waaay too tech savy to install anything on their computers (they will just un-install or turn it off) so I have to manage this at the gateway.


My wife and I have our own devices that we don't want interupted because of the kids, so I'm not looking for the obvious smart butt comments of turn off the router or unplug their PCs. You people can just ignore this post if you don't have useful informaiton to provide.


To those of you that do have some "real advice" on how to control certian devices on my wireless network for certain periods of time, please tell me....I'm at my ropes end!

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Re: Parental Controls on 2wire 3800HGV-B

By your comments, I guess you know the drill...people offering their unsolicited parenting advice. Smiley Wink


Until someone replies directly, you might find an answer in some of our previous posts, here.

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Re: Parental Controls on 2wire 3800HGV-B

The 2Wire router provided with the U-Verse service does not have any parental control options.


I would recommend installing your own router that does have the parental control functionality you want alongside/behind the 2Wire router, and route all of your home's traffic through that.  This should get you the functionality you want.


For full setup instructions for router-behind-router with the U-Verse 2Wire gateway, see the following post:




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Re: Parental Controls on 2wire 3800HGV-B

Thanks! Good to know.


I did have an old Linksys wireless router lying around and so I plugged that into the 2wire router.


I turned off the wireless option on the 2wire router to force all devcices through the linksys wireless router instead.


I followed your step by step instructions from this post.




How do I know if the steps I did took? How will I know it will be the public outside IP address?


I can see now that all the devices are coming through on the 2wire router port that I plugged the wireless router into. But, I saved everything and re-booted my 2wire router and it appears that nothing has really changed. All devices are listed and the 2 devices that I want blocked, are still able to access the internet with no issue.


I even set up access denials on the wireless router (through MAC address filtering)....still nothing is working.


Very frustrating....guess I'll go "pull the plugs!!" 

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Re: Parental Controls on 2wire 3800HGV-B

Hey SomeJoe777:   need your help.   I have AT&T UVerse internet and TV (wireless receiver).  I need to put parental control on the router.   But the 2wire that AT&T provided doesn't have that function.  I have kids that use Wifi on many different devices ranging from desktop/laptop to PSVita.  

I am guess i need to put a different wireless router behind AT&T UVerse 2Wire.  but how do i do that and would that cause issue with my TV and the wireless TV receiver?


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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: Parental Controls on 2wire 3800HGV-B

Purchase a 3rd-party router that has the parental controls you want.


Then set it up using the DMZPlus feature of the 2Wire router.  See the following post for instructions to set up your own router using the DMZPlus feature:



You will also need to turn off the wireless on the 2Wire router.  This will force all devices to use the wireless on the 3rd-party router that you purchased.


This setup will not interfere with your TV boxes or wireless TX boxes.  Those, however, must remain connected to the 2Wire, they cannot be connected to your router.


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