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Pace 5268Ac FXN WiFi Status Light


Pace 5268Ac FXN WiFi Status Light

I have the U-Verse 1000 Plan.


I have recently realized that the WiFi status light is constantly blinking green, even when there are no WiFi devices connected to the router.


I have validated by logging into the home page of the router and it seems there is a single device which is always connected to the 5G band and it has a descriptive name as the router 5268ac.


I initially though someone was using my WiFi, so I called AT&T support and I was told to change the router password and disregard the status light of WiFi.


I have disabled IPv6 and both WiFi bands interfaces and now the status light is off, but on the home page the device keeps appearing as active on the WiFi 5GHz band, no matter how many times I refresh the page.


Looking at the details of that device the MAC address is almost identical with the one on the router label, only the last character is different.


Can anyone confirm why this happens?


I want my WiFi status light only to light up when a device other than the router is using it?


It is required for the router to "self-connect" to the WiFi, even if disabled?


Thanks and regards.

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Re: Pace 5268Ac FXN WiFi Status Light

I believe there was a discussion about this (quite a while ago now) I read somewhere either in these forums or maybe in the ATT UVerse DSLReports forum.  If memory serves it was either due to a firmware error or band steering.

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Re: Pace 5268Ac FXN WiFi Status Light

As @_xyzzy_ mentioned, the band steering software uses a port index which it creates by adding to the last digit of the base mac address.


There should be a a button to 'clear device list' somewhere, (I know the BGW210 has it and I would assume the 5268 does also) it's different than refresh, you could try that if you can find it. On mine it says not to do it unless advised by support but support doesn't know too much other than reset and power cycle in my experience. 

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Re: Pace 5268Ac FXN WiFi Status Light

where is the button at to remove it



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