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PS3 Connectivity Speed is MUCH Slower than PC...WHY?

PS3 Connectivity Speed is MUCH Slower than PC...WHY?

This is an issue that I don't understand.  I can run various "speed tests" on my home PC or laptops that run wirelessly, and I get over 22Mbs down and at least 1.5Mbs up.  However, my PS3's never get more than 6.5Mbs down, and sometimes less than 1Mbs up.  One is wired via Ethernet, and the other is wireless. 


This makes no sense to me.  I have many friends with other services who are getting over 20Mbs on their PS3's.  Is there some setting in the Two-Wire that limits the bandwidth for those devices?  Can it be changed?  I am a part of an online gaming clan, and I would like to be able to host parties, but my connection simply won't support more than 2-3. 



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Re: PS3 Connectivity Speed is MUCH Slower than PC...WHY?

I've been having trouble with internet speeds on mine, too.


PS3 servers have ports that you should open up in your 2Wire router settings.  Here's a list of them:


Also 3rd party games (such as Battlefield 3) have their own server ports as well.  You should add those to the list.  For instance I added the Battlefield 3 ports to my list so I could play that game better:


OPen up your 2wire settings using a web browser. 


GO to Settings > Firewall > Applications, Pinholes and DMZ


Select your PS3 (it may be an "unknown" device so you may have to do some playing around to figure out which "computer" is your PS3).


Select "Allow individual application(s)"  


Underneath the "application list" you'll see Add a new user-defined application - click on it and add all those TCP and UDP ports, create a name for it, then select "add to list" and voila.  You're done.  Then go back to the settings page, highlight that application you created and add it.  Hit "SAVE".  If it prompts you for the password and you don't know the password, then you need to go to your modem box (it's probably in your garage or one of your closets) and there is a sticker on that modem box on the bottom front of it, next to what looks like the serial number.  That's your password.  


I hope this helps.  

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Re: PS3 Connectivity Speed is MUCH Slower than PC...WHY?

You're referring to specific games and their speeds, which can affect everything from not even being able to connect, to having latency issues.  I'm referring to simply going to the "Test Connection" screen on the PS3 and looking at the download and upload speeds independent of any gaming servers/ports.  The speed is less than 1/3 of what I get on my computers.  I put my PS3 in the DMZ of the 2-Wire, which should open up all ports, so opening individual ports wouldn't help would it?  


i'm just wondering why the PS3 connection is so slow, and I've yet to read or hear a good answer. 

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Re: PS3 Connectivity Speed is MUCH Slower than PC...WHY?



I apologize your having these issues. What is the model number of your modem? Also, are you using the PS3's internal speed test or are you using it's browser to go to From what I have been reading from Sony the PS3 is going to show a slower connection than your PC, however it should still be playable. The other thing to remember is that no matter what speed you have if there is any sort of lag on the PSN you will still see in-game lag and have other connectivity issues. Once I have more information I can research further.


Thank you,




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Re: PS3 Connectivity Speed is MUCH Slower than PC...WHY?

Hi Justin,


Thanks for the response.  This has been a frustrating ordeal.  Two different times I have been in online chats with U-Verse support chat.  The first time, they literally dropped me and just gave me the connect tech phone number.  The second time, they gave me the number, and I tried it three times this morning, and each time as I completed the automated options and attempted to connect me to a "real person," it told me my call could not be connected, and to try again later. 


First off, the 2-Wire model I have is 3800HGV-B.  I can't find a way to use on the PS3, because I can't get a browser that seems to support it.  The only way to get it is through the "check connection" option on the PS3 Network Settings menu.  They're only estimates, but my guess is that it's probably not more than a few Mbs off.   


Here's where I'm confused. 


1.  If I set up the PS3 with a wired connection, and choose automatic for everything, I end up with a NAT Type 1, EVEN IF I set the PS3 in the DMZ.  I also don't have the option of putting the PS3 in the DMZ with a dedicated IP address. 


2.  If I set it up with a dedicated IP address, then I can get NAT Type 2, but obviously that restricts me from having all of the ports open.  That seems counterproductive.  With Type 1, I'm going to have issues connecting with other online gamers. 


The way I understand it is, the U-Verse system partitions off "lanes" in the highway of bandwidth.  What I'm curious about is whether there is some limiting setting for the PS3's that will only allow so much bandwidth allocation.  I've seen screen shots of people with connection speeds over 20Mbs via the basic "Test Connection" screen on their PS3, so I'm just wondering why I'm not able to get those results with my connection when my PC has no problem getting over 22Mbs consistently, even in peak usage times. 


What is EXTREMELY frustrating is that I've spent HOURS researching and trying different recommendations.  If I had just ONE person who knew the system's capabilities and how to set it up optimally, I bet they could walk me through the optimal settings in less than 5 minutes.  Then I would at least KNOW that I'm getting the most from my system, and WHAT I'M PAYING FOR, which is for the premium U-450 package.  I'd even be willing to pay for that person's time, even though I still think that is a little silly for what I pay each month.  You know what?  I don't even know if those people exist or not, and that is VERY frustrating. 


Can you help, or at least provide me with the number I can call to actually have someone walk me through the optimal settings?  Hey, if there's nothing that can be changed to help, then I'll at least have peace of mind. 


EDIT:  Ideally, I would like to set my two PS3's in the DMZplus, but keep NAT Type 2 (open).  If that is not an option (I can't find a way to do that through the modem options), then I guess using a Static IP and opening up multiple ports through the individual options is all I can do.  It seems like an uncecessary hassle, and that there should be a way to alter the NAT type for the DMZplus application.    



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Re: PS3 Connectivity Speed is MUCH Slower than PC...WHY?

I to am having this problem i have done coutless test at home and i get a 9 mb one time then the other 2o time is test i get 1- 3 mb i thought this to be my ps3 or the service i had at the house so i went to my sisters house she has the same service and a older ps3 model both ps3's at both locations (1 hr 1/2 away from each other) did the same thing we have ahad 5 techs come out plz stop sending them they dont know whats going on yes i have reset and followed the walk threw tonz of times somtimes 5 customer service calls in one day . i would also like advanced help with this issue and plz dont say its a ps3 network problem because its only happening to us u verse people i dont want to have to switch service i like the tv and all but the ps3 is a big part of our family considdering my wife is a gamer as well ty and plz post asap i know this tread has be down for a bit

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Re: PS3 Connectivity Speed is MUCH Slower than PC...WHY?

same problem, same modem, on 2 different PS3 on a FAT80one, and a brand new Slim2,

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Re: PS3 Connectivity Speed is MUCH Slower than PC...WHY?

 I have the same issue. Iv been through several tutorials and even when i foward the appropriate ports, i stll get 6down and 1up. I switched to comcast at my last location because of this one issue. i recently moved and we have to use uverse here. i love the tv part but im an on-line gamer. I would like to get the speed im paying for. i know my over all lag and connection is worse now because i play so much. Please atnt. Help us with this issue. I have a 360 as well and have the same problem. DMZ mode does nothing to help the issue.

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Re: PS3 Connectivity Speed is MUCH Slower than PC...WHY?

Not positive, but this might help.


When setting your PS3 to the DMZ in the 2WIRE try these following steps. This is supposed to the closest the 2WIRE gets to true bridge mode (courtesy SomeJoe7777):


  • On the 2Wire router, go to Settings -> Firewall -> Advanced Configuration
  • In the Enhanced Security section, uncheck Stealth Mode, Block Ping, and Strict UDP Session Control.
  • In the Outbound Protocol Control section, check everything except NetBIOS.
  • In the Inbound Protocol Control section, uncheck NetBIOS
  • In the Attack Detection section uncheck all the checkboxes.
  • Click Save.


I'm not sure whether these settings only affect the device in the DMZ, or all device connected to the 2WIRE. So use these advanced settings with caution. If these steps work, I would suggest doing some research and find a router that works well with the PS3 (or Xbox, or whatever) and placing it in the DMZ with these advanced settings so that you can connect your other devices to your own router and they will still be protected.




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