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Open NAT for PS4 concerns

Open NAT for PS4 concerns

I have AT&T U-Verse with an ARRIS NVG589 and I know I need to go to the router IP address then Firewall-> NAT/Gaming and add PSN & PS4 IP to the device list. My concern is that it pops up the warning "The change you are attempting to make may cause AT&T U-verse TV to stop working properly." My concern is, is this just a precautionary warning, AT&T covering their bases since it says "may" or is it a warning I should take serious and not add my PS4s to the device list? I'd hate to mess up all 4 receivers just to play my PS4 games.

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Re: Open NAT for PS4 concerns

Hello SpecterPhoenix,

I am sorry to hear about the issues that you're having and would like to help and look into this for you. Please send us a Private Message here: http://soc.att.com/2uEE6Ki with your account and contact info.

David, AT&T Community Specialist

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Re: Open NAT for PS4 concerns

No, if you can't tell me if the warning is just a cautionary warning or if it will actually mess up my service then I'm going to assume the latter and leave my NAT as moderate. I don't have the time to be messing with emails, PMs, or phone calls to get this sorted out because if I had I would have called just to set on hold for 45 minutes to solve this.

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‎10-30-2017 3:40 PM

Re: Open NAT for PS4 concerns

Adding PSN service will not mess up your set top boxes. Just make sure the 'needed by device' to which you open the ports is in fact your Play Station.


In your post you said 'PS4s', if you have more than one you can only open a given port (service) to a single PS4 (device). The only way to open the same port to multiple devices is to have a block of static public IP addresses. 

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Re: Open NAT for PS4 concerns

Thank you for your reply. What can I do since I have two PS4s? I've read about using a switch to split the connection to the ISP router and a second router then open the ports. Would that work? If so I have an old Linksys router I used to use for Comcast internet.



My wife is concerned about if this will interfere with our PC or internet connection if we open the ports for PSN. I wasn't sure what to tell her because she watches Netflix and her laptop regularly.

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Re: Open NAT for PS4 concerns

The secondary router will not help your situation. If you can configure the far end server to use different ports you can set up your second PS4 to use those, but if there is no option to tell PSN to use different ports you only have one option which is to have a second ip address.


Once you open a port and send it to a device all traffic on that port will be forwarded to that single device. So lets say PSN needs port 80 and you forward port 80 to PS number 1, then all traffic on port 80 will go to PS number 1 and would not reach your secondary router. If you forward port 80 to your secondary router, you are left with the same issue, it can only forward to a single device.


A switch will not help your situation. Because the forwarded port is sent to an IP address of a single device, the switch would just forward the packets from the gateway to the designated device. While it would allow you to connect both devices to the network, the forwarded ports can not be sent to multiple IP addresses.


With an additional IP address, your secondary router could be helpful. You could use ip passthrough to send the second IP to the secondary router, then open the port you need and send to PS number 2. 

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