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Old refurbished router for equipment replacement?


Old refurbished router for equipment replacement?

My existing 5268ac router is having problem with digital phone line. Troubleshoot with technician on the phone and determined the router needs to be replaced.  So far have received two different replacement units in brown boxes, both NVG599.  But for both routers, on the device themselves indicated manufacture date in early 2015, and both all have scratches and marks on them. Is AT&T replacing broken routers with refurbished parts? The agent on the phone told me they should be brand new part, why am I getting old parts instead?  Also the brown boxes for the units has the sticker on them indicating manufacturing date of 10/18, but that does not match with the actual date indicated on the device themselves.  Anyone else getting these kinds of units also?



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Re: Old refurbished router for equipment replacement?

ATT provides equipment based on inventory available. Equipment can and most often is refurbished. Both the 599 and 5268 were released in 2015 but have been receiving software updates. Your 10/18 likely indicates when refurbished and which software installed.


Even the newest gateway model 210-700 released in 2017 are often refurb due to large number of software issues during first 6 months resulting in gateways being replaced within 30 days of install.


The only new equipment will have a plastic cover over the display side, no sticker is a refurb.


ATT equipment is rental, lease.... Therefore like renting a car may get a brand new unit but generally will be something that has already been driven. No support person can tell you what you will receive as they do not pull it off the shelf and box it to be shipped.

*I am an AT&T employee, and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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