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Nighthawk MR1100 firmware update problem

Nighthawk MR1100 firmware update problem

I have a Nighthawk MR1100 LTE Mobile Router. I have been trying to find a solution to update firmware.  NTG9X50C_12.05.05.00_ATT_03.12 is the latest firmware and my router is on NTG9X50C_12.02.06.01. In the firmware update section it says the " current software is up to date". My question: Is a manual download and install possible? I believe that my current firmware has a glitch that will not allow the unit to update. Thanks for any help.

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Re: Nighthawk MR1100 firmware update problem

Att does not support their products just as netgear does not ! I’ve called both companies and they won’t replace my faulty device ! The first day I turned it on it worked for 4 hours straight now it’s in a constant reboot! Netgear says because it’s branded by Att that I have to contact them! I contacted ATt support and they were little to no help and told me to get the nighthawk replaced at place of purchase instead of sending a new one! Now I have a $250 paper weight! I’ve done resets I’ve changed the bands that it connects to I’ve taken the battery out I’ve done it all and it seems to be a hardware issue! There will be times where it will work flawless then if it’s in the car with me it will connect to a difference frequency or pulling too much data and it will reboot

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