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New to AT&T home internet via cell towers


New to AT&T home internet via cell towers

Our dB is low in thw house, 1 to 2 bars, about -115 at best. I think a booster or extender would help us get the most from the wifi service. We have 4 smart phones , that ideally should be using the wifi, and a direct tv (via wifi), my eldeat son has a lap top for school,projects as well. Not that all devices will be on at the same time,  but two to three without buffering would be ideal. Thoughts or suggestions are welcome as I am,not all the techy. 


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‎12-29-2017 8:22 PM

Re: New to AT&T home internet via cell towers

Need to relocate the unit to a window or near a window with the strongest signal..


 There are no external antenna or booster for the ATT Velocity Wireless Home Phone Internet product.


This would be an ATT Mobility product sold thru store fronts. No tech support, talk to retail cell store representative.




If by small chance this is the new Fixed Wireless Internet where a DirecTv contractor installed an external antenna with wiring and a gateway, billed $99 for installation, I am not familiar with product. But again if antenna is aimed at cell tower but distance or obstacles are interfering with signal not sure what can be done.





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