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New galaxy s5 won't connect to home wifi


New galaxy s5 won't connect to home wifi

I recently purchased an s5 from verizon.  When I attempt to connect to my home wifi, the s5 shows  it scanning and then connecting, but the wifi doesn't end up connecting at all.  It just reads,"saved, secured".  I have connected the phone to other wifi signals and it works fine.  I have ATT DSL.  My router is the Pace 4111N.  Going through my phone settings and doing some research on the internet, I've learned a little about WPS.  I logged into my router settings and found the page where I can use the WPS function.  I tried both the PIN function and the button function - to no avail.  I finally called ATT and we walked through the same steps.  Finally, the tech put me on hold and then came back and said that she just talked to some other tech and said that ATT doesn't support WPS.  ??  I am having a hard time believing that that is the answer.  Is there anything you can do to help me.  I have a little over a week to return the phone and if I know that I can't connect to my home wifi, then I will reluctantly return to the verizon store and select a different phone.


Thank you.

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Re: New galaxy s5 won't connect to home wifi


Hello @jadub73 


How about other devices or your previous cell phone? Have you had any issues connecting? Try resetting your phone by removing the battery for 2 minutes. You can also try power cycling your router.




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Re: New galaxy s5 won't connect to home wifi

I am currently having the same issue.  I have tried to reboot my phone multiple times.  Taken out the battery, taken out the sim card.  I keep getting an error that says "Incorrect password".  Yet the password is absolutely correct; I have entered it repeatedly.  Nothing is wrong with the WiFi since other devices are connected without an issue.


Please assist!!!  This is not fair - AT&T is charging for data because my AT&T phone will not connect to WiFi.

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Re: New galaxy s5 won't connect to home wifi

Are you talking about the WiFi password required to "talk" to your WiFi router?  Or are you talking about a U-Verse password, or some other password?


It makes no sense to me that a properly entered password is rejected from one device, and accepted from another -- unless you're getting the passwords confused for different sign-ins.  You know that the WPA or WPA2 passcode is meant to keep others from using your Internet access, and from having a "look around" on your home network?


It's worthwhile using a long, complex password for connecting to your WiFi, since once set, you generally never have to re-enter the passcode.


Is it possible that the new Samsung phone is somehow sending upper case letters in place of lower case letters -- or vice versa?  The WiFi passcode is case sensitive.


Or is it possible that the choice of encryption you're choosing on the phone doesn't match the choice that's configured into your WiFi router?  (Typically WPA or WPA2 with PSK -- Pre-Set Key -- and the encryption algorithm is the same, as well ... AES 256 bit for example)

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Re: New galaxy s5 won't connect to home wifi

i am having the same issues.  did you ever get an answer to what the problem is?  my wife and i have the same phone, hers works and mine doesnt.

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