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Netgear Versalink B90-755025-15


Netgear Versalink B90-755025-15

Hello everyone.

Just bought a used Netgear to replace my 2WIRE that has been crapping out over the past 2-3 months. Does anyone know of any configuration settings that will be optimal so i can get the most out of this modem. Setting e.g. Channel, DHCP settings, security, MAC Assignments, whatever you think will be appropriate, will be most welcome.

THanks everyone

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Re: Netgear Versalink B90-755025-15



     Here are a few links to help get you started.



Installing your AT&T High Speed Internet service with a non-AT&T provided DSL modem


Setting up a Wireless Network









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Re: Netgear Versalink B90-755025-15

That is actually a Westell 7500. They are no longer manufactured and are only good enough to be used as a door stop/book end, wheel chock, boat anchor.
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Re: Netgear Versalink B90-755025-15

If this is outdated hardware, what do you recommend?  AT&T just sent me this same modem (Netgear Versalink Model B90-755025-15) yesterday (January 22, 2014).  Why are they sending out Gateways that are only as good as a doorstop/paperweight (and paying to ship it overnight, no less)?  What should I get instead?


Thanks very much in advance for your help.



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Re: Netgear Versalink B90-755025-15

well if they sent you the same model, then it probably still works for your dsl. Give it a try, let us know if it does work for you.

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Re: Netgear Versalink B90-755025-15

This Modem/router is absolutely a piece of garbage.  I am horrified that this equipment, which is being dumped on e-bay for under 20 bucks, is supposedly going to cost $100 from At&T after repeated service calls and ridiculous time wasted switching out hardware after hardware over the last year.  STILL DROPPING and LAGGING and it is time to admit that the problem is with the AT&T service and not the equipment. I am willing to bet that there are a few of us in the neighborhood jockeying for the same DSL connection and at least one of the pairs that they are wired to are kaput, but they just keep switching various people to the crappy one as the last one complains enough to get a truck rolled on it, at which point they hook the complaining customer up to a clean line and move someone else over to the bad one, which buys them time while THAT person goes round and round with stupid and useless phone techs after they call to complain about half speed and dropped connections, and they send another truck out to look in the manhole, ad inifinitum. I don't have time for it anymore. Today and last night spent all my time troubleshooting my connection because I needed my laptop out with me to help guide me through fixing my car, and at this point I would have been done with the car (which still I have not yet started on), had I actually been able to get online to get to the how to info.  

Happily, yesterday the Time Warner fella was out at my neighbors house, and I stopped him to have a little chat.  I will be having my drop repaired this afternoon to facilitate my free install of my new service which will be more than twice as fast as my elite DSL connection at about 2/3 of the monthly cost INCLUDING the equipment rental, which I will hap pily pay for a month just so that I can switch NOW and I will buy a modem of my own in the next coupleweeks.  The motorola one that works with TWC is about the same price as this horrendous Netgear fodder with much more functionality and reliability, better features and is highly recommended.      AND I can use my magic Jack that the Netgear one won't work with at all.  YAY- I will be able to make phone calls again from my house!    

I can't wait.  Should have done this much earlier and would have if I had known that TWC would be out here to fix that drop in less than a day.  I hope At&T will take back their modem and not end up charging me for it, cause otherwise its going straight into the garbage.  I wouldn't even feel right about selling it to some unsuspecting ebayer who did not know any better... 

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Re: Netgear Versalink B90-755025-15

I actually had this router given to me and it seems to be much better than the 2wire. All i had to do was plug it up and put in my at&t id and password. It is actully .3 mbps faster on download, 16ms shorter ping, and 50kbps faster upload speed. I know its not much but as an gamer it makes a differance. There isn't any faster speeds avaible to me so gotta make the most out of what i got.

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Re: Netgear Versalink B90-755025-15

Yep, unfurtunatly also the max I can get where I live is the 6Mb plan, and also have the Netgear 7550 modem.


But something weird happened, last saturday I started to have a lot of disconnections and low internet speed, after reporting that on Saturday and Sunday (Nov. 1st and 2nd), a technician came and gave me another modem to see if that solves the problem.

Well, so far so good, after 2 days, but the pain in the neck is that with this new one, I CAN'T OPEN PORTS!, I have Port forwaring to the Desktop and to the XBox One, with some VOODO I made the XBox One have an Open NAT (also technical support was with me and they also did not know what happened), but the thing is that still I have no Ports opened eventhogh I did port forwarding. 

I run "" and all ports that are supposed to be open are shown as closed, and can't do Remote Desktop.


With the previous exact same modem, I was able to do it.


Any thoughts?

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Re: Netgear Versalink B90-755025-15

is there any firmware upgrade you can do for it? Maybe that?

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Re: Netgear Versalink B90-755025-15



It shows that it has the latest software, 



Gateway Name
Serial Numberxxxxxxxxxxxx
Software VersionVER:06.04.20


My old modem, same model has the same software version and that one has the port open.



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Re: Netgear Versalink B90-755025-15

Was there a resolution to this? We also have an AT&T provided Netgear B90-755025-15 modem, and we're trying to open UPnP, essentially, for our security camera to be able to be viewed via internet. Is that possible with this modem, at all?

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Re: Netgear Versalink B90-755025-15

No resolve, just received one and it still crashes and after the crash I had to power down to get all computers to reconnect. I ain't no happy camper....

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