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Need to Forward External Port 22222 to Internet Port 22


Need to Forward External Port 22222 to Internet Port 22

hey everyone, AT&T wanted to charge me $50 for this problem through ConnectTech...ridiculous!!


I have a Linux Raspberry Pi running Raspbian that is set to a static IP I have also IP allocated this through the Gateway.


What I want to do is make this Pi a Media Center. To do that I need Port 22 open. Obviously I dont want that publicly open so what I want, is when I connect from my work to my Pi at home via Remote SSH, that I connect to port 22222 instead, that is seen externally, then forwards to my Port 22 internally (still not visible to public though).


I tried to go through the entire gateway interface and the Port Forward Tool I googled from AT&T never works. Just makes me keep logging in over and over. So what do I do, to get port 22222 publicly seen byt then forwarded to private port 22 internally.



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Re: Need to Forward External Port 22222 to Internet Port 22

Use the following instructions to do what you want:



  1. Open a web browser, browse to the URL of your U-Verse Residential Gateway (usually
  2. Click the Settings tab at the top.
  3. Click the Firewall label in the second row of tabs.
  4. Click the Applications, Pinholes, and DMZ label in the third row of tabs.
  5. Click on the computer that is running the SSH server under section (1).
  6. Click the Allow Individual Applications button under section (2).
  7. Click the Add a New User-Defined Application button.
  8. For the Application Profile Name, type “SSH-22222”.
  9. For the protocol, select TCP.
  10. Type 22222 in both the Port From and To fields.
  11. Leave the Protocol Timeout field blank.
  12. In the Map to Host Port field, type 22.
  13. Leave the Application Type pull-down menu set to the default (none selected).
  14. Click the Add To List button.  Your custom port entry will appear in the Definition List below.
  15. Click the Back button.
  16. Re-select the computer that is running SSH server under section (1).
  17. Click the Allow Individual Applications button under section (2).
  18. Click SSH-22222 in the Application list.
  19. Click the Add button.  The SSH-22222 custom application will now be listed in the Hosted Applications list.
  20. Click the Save button at the bottom.



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