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NVG599 WPS light red


NVG599 WPS light red

I am suddenly having issues connecting my computer to my printer. They were working fine last week; now the connection does not work. I'm trouble shooting via the Canon site. To reset the printer, I have to press the WPS button. It blinks green for a while, then goes red. I went to the setup page and the WiFi Protected Setup is on. I clicked, off, then back on, and it still is not working. Any other suggestions? I have 2 printers, 2 laptops, and all were working last week; now none of them are connecting. 

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‎03-11-2019 12:28 PM

Re: NVG599 WPS light red

Hi There @kee215

We understand that you are getting a red light on the WPS button the router. We can help you with that.  


Now what we are going to ask for you to do, requires a factory reset of the router. Any customer applications or settings that have been set in the router will be erased and you will have to reset them.

  1. Press and hold the reset button on the back of the router for 15 seconds, then release.
  2. The router will reboot.
  3. Once the all lights on the router are green, please plug in one computer via Ethernet to router and test your connectivity.
  4. Take note of the sticker on the router with the AT&T SSID and password on it, you will need that later.
  5. Unplug the Ethernet cord and reconnect to the WIFI using the information on the sticker.
  6. Test your WiFi connectivity on the same computer
  7. Now(and this best guess troubleshooting) Go to the network settings on the printer and see if the printer can look for the AT&T SSID
  8. You should be able to enter in the password on the router and it should connect
  9. If that way doesn't work, then try the WPS button again
  10. Then log-in to your router and reconfigure any customer settings that you need too. 

Try these troubleshooting steps first and let us know.


Matthew, AT&T Community Specialist

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Re: NVG599 WPS light red

The problem started when ATT online tech did a factory reset on modem /router. As I was connecting clients it came up when a client required WPS. It would not connect and that is when I noticed the WPS red light. Some clients will not connect with manual —AES or other security. Help please. I know factory reset is probably the starting point but I am tired of resetting and connecting 21 clients if there is another solution 

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Re: NVG599 WPS light red

Online help also reset my modem and in doing so reset all the  ID's and passwords to default which I had to reenter to previous values. Wife and kids screaming at me the whole time about why their wifi  internet connections just went down.....Lession learned. 

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