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NVG599 Gateway Produces Terrible, High-Pitched Noise


NVG599 Gateway Produces Terrible, High-Pitched Noise

I am exhausted and beyond annoyed. 


We recently switched to AT&T U-verse Internet and, after fighting them for two days over installation, the U-verse Gateway (modem) makes an extremely annoying, high-pitched, electronic sound. The model I had at the time was a PACE model. 


After calling and reporting the issue on the first day, I was told they would be replacing the Gateway with an "upgraded" model for my inconvenience. Well this morning the new model came in: the exact same as the one I already had. And, lo, the same issue persists. I called and they told me to take it to an AT&T store to have it replaced. And, lo, they cannot swap them out at their store locations. I called back a fourth time and they sent a tech out to replace the Gateway with a different model. This time it is an Arris NVG599. Well guess what? Same. Thing. This terrible, head-ache-causing, screech. The tech's solution when he heard it? "I guess just build a box to put it in?"


When I finally called back, exhausted and just drained of the whole thing, their only solution is to move the modem to a different room. And, lo, I have to wait for even that.


Does any one else have this problem and have you been able to come to a solution. This is not the way I intended to start with AT&T, and this modem issue is just enough to make me think maybe this isn't worth it...my cable provider's modems never did this.

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Re: NVG599 Gateway Produces Terrible, High-Pitched Noise

We have had that issue before in our market... it is a was a manufactor issue that has been resolved. But that was a few months ago and have not had any since that inital pile. See if they can get you a Pace 5286 from a tech if they are in your market. The 5286 is a equivilent model, just different manufactor. Hopefully you can get a different one.

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Re: NVG599 Gateway Produces Terrible, High-Pitched Noise

I also have had this problem. We got our first one replaced, and now the second one makes the same noise.
After looking up this issue I've found several people are experiencing the same problem.
Not to mention our Internet keeps randomly.

We are already switching to Direct TV because the poor performance and quality we've experienced with UVERSE, however it seems we are stuck with their Internet.
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