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Re: NVG589 WiFi Password


NVG589 WiFi Password

I'm trying to add a WiFi device to a NVG589 and the default WiFi password on the NVG589 uses an equal sign (=).  The problem is my WiFi client device, which has a virtual keyboard, does not have an equal (=) sign, so I can't type in the password.  The manufacturer of the device acknowledges they did not put in an equal sign and they're addressing this issue in future updates.


The client device has the ability to enroll under WPS, which is Off in the NVG589.  I can go into the router and change the WPS to On, but then I see where it wants an "all digital WPS PIN." Is the WPS PIN a number on the router label?  Or is it a number that I make up?


How diffictult is it to simply change the router's default WiFi password to something that does not use an equal sign?  It looks like that box is grayed out, so somehow it has to be enabled for changing.

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Re: NVG589 WiFi Password

is it possible to save wifi password in a format that can be read by the device, then copy and paste the wifi password where it needs to go?

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Re: NVG589 WiFi Password

I'm not at the router now, but the WiFi password is on the yellow label on the side of the unit.  It is more than 10 characters, including the equal sign. It's also in the GUI when I go into the router.  But, it is grayed out.  In other words it won't allow changes unless something else is changed, such as changing to WEP.  Are you familiar with the NVG589?

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: NVG589 WiFi Password

Hi @rickm15752  🙂


To make your own password, change "Security" to "WPA-PSK" from "WPA-Default." That will allow you to keep the same wireless security as you have now, but the "Key" box will now be unlocked.

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Re: NVG589 WiFi Password

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Re: NVG589 WiFi Password

Thank you!  I was thinking maybe the "default" was the problem and you confirmed my suspicion.  I appreciate you time and assistance.

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Re: NVG589 WiFi Password

How to change wifi password
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