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NVG589 Firmware Availablilty


NVG589 Firmware Availablilty

I need to get a clean copy of the NVG589 firmware or at least conduct a consistancy check vs my current firmware.


I have had a home invasion and ever since they have been able to hack my local network without being logged.  Prior to the home invasion I had two networks hacks but both were logged with MAC and Computer names, although one ethernet lan connection was logged as an ipod touch so they were no doubt spoofed.


I have tried all sorts of measures to prevent access and the only thing I can think of at this point is they may have flashed a custom firmware on the router during the home invasion.



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Re: NVG589 Firmware Availablilty

If you would ask AT&T for another router and provide them a copy of the police report, I think they would replace it for you.


OTOH, you could do a factory reset by holding in the button on the back while connecting power.  That would replace the firmware load.



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Re: NVG589 Firmware Availablilty

what he's basically saying is... ATT controls when/if we are allowed access to firmware updates which their have undoubtedly been a few provided by motorola id imagine.  Alas - we're just sheep.. keep paying and come to the understanding that their 75 cent an hour indians reading from a script know best.


I mean, sap the americans of billions a year to line your coffers but you cant even return the favor by employing them.   Dont worry, your FAR from the only company to be so dispicable.  Words cannot describe.


Still I am off topic.  I found this post looking for firmware upgrades of my own.   They apparently accidentally left in the page that allows updates via file.. but since they wont provide or allow access to any files - its all but pointless.


Yea, im bitter.

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