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NVG510 Only .35 Upload; Should be .7


NVG510 Only .35 Upload; Should be .7

I have recently upgraded my account from .7 down and .35 up to 6 down and .7 up--I would have done it much sooner but the option just became available to me. However, I am only getting .35 up, I do get the entire 6 down most of the time according to speedtest (ATT's, speakeasy, speedtest, and my local NetSpeedMonitor application). Every speedtest will show my upload quickly go to .35Mb/s and just hang there, never going higher. It feels/looks like my .35 cap is still in place, but from my sync rates the modem is saying that isn't true.


I have called ATT and after a few test they don't know what the problem seems to be and seem to think that i should just pay 100 dollars for a new modem--which they cannot say will fix my problem for sure. I am hoping there may be a better way to determine the issue. I have run all tests with just one system connected to the Modem (wired) so that i can rule out other simultaneous uploads. I cannot find any special settings in the modem itself that wold be limiting transfer speeds, so i am stumped.


Below are my Broadband stats--which you can see the modem is listing at the correct Sync Rate:


Line StateUp
Broadband ConnectionUp
Downstream Sync Rate (kbps)6016
Upstream Sync Rate (kbps)765
Data PathFast
Broadband IPv4 Address108.92.x.x
Gateway IPv4 Address108.92.x.x
MAC Address40:b7:x:x:x:x
Primary DNS68.94.156.1
Secondary DNS68.94.157.1
Primary DNS
Secondary DNS Name



I have tested local traffic through the modem and i have no problem transfering files at over 12MB/s or more to other systems on my network. So the modem seems to be fully capable of handling packets on my local network, the problem seems to only happen when uploading/transfering outside of my network. 


I really want to get my full .7 up--or at least a reasonably close number as the full .7 isn't really a reasonable expectation; however, i don't think that .35 is reasonable either when it is barely half of my .7.


All help is appreciated

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Re: NVG510 Only .35 Upload; Should be .7

I can provide additional information if it will help to determine why my upload speed is so slow.


If this does seem to be an actual problem with the modem that cannot be corrected without purchasing a new router, i would really appreciate it if someone could explain to me what is going on. I just can't seem to figure out why i am only seeing speeds of .35 when i should be close to .7.


all tips, suggestions, and assistance is appreciated




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Re: NVG510 Only .35 Upload; Should be .7

If you have a 3600/3800/3801 I would say use Uverse Realtime. For an NVG510 though, software so we can see what's going on and help you troubleshoot is not available. In this case, if you have a wired computer running a speedtest (speakeasy,, with no other traffic on the network, it is fairly accurate.

There may be something going on but without having access from someone in T1/T2 with BroadBand Tools (to test your line/modem for bit loading and dropped packets) I couldn't say for sure. Your best bet is to call 800-288-2020 and ask for/get to Tier 2 Technical Support. They should be able to go into more detail as to why you're not getting that upload speed.

Technically though, ATT will generally tell you that if you're getting 1/2 the speed you're paying for "up-to", you're within your bandwidth range. For instance, if you're paying for 6mbps/.7mbps, 3mbps/.35mbps is within the range.

I'm not saying there is not an issue, just giving you some information to work with! Best of luck.
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Re: NVG510 Only .35 Upload; Should be .7

I ended up emailing I communicated with them via email; performed a lot of tests, and eventually we ended up replacing with the 2210. Immeadiately upon replacing the 510 with the 2210 i had .71 down. Can't really ask for anything more than that. Coldn't come up with any ideas as to why the 510 would not give me my .71 down but, very weird. Anyways, I now have my full download and upload speeds. All is good. was very helpful and worked very quickly with me to troubleshoot and eventually correct the issue.

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Re: NVG510 Only .35 Upload; Should be .7

Glad to know everything is going well with your service, enjoy.

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