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NVG510 Issues - Loops after entering access code; factory reset


NVG510 Issues - Loops after entering access code; factory reset

Approximately in the middle of last year, our DSL line got a speed increase along with a new gateway router (Motorola NVG510).  Shortly afterward, I had trouble when trying to upgrade a fresh install of Windows 7.  I thought little of it until trying to upgrade to Windows 10, where I still cannot seem to download anything.  I thought possibly the router was blocking it somehow, since I have never had these issues up until that point.

Poking around the settings, I tried the IP Passthrough option.  I entered in the MAC address for my desktop PC, saved the settings, and rebooted the device as it requested.  That didn't seem to fix the issue, so I went to remove the settings and now I can't. 

Each time I enter the access code to access ANY part of the device, it sends me right back to the Device Status page.  No matter how many times I try to access Firewall settings, or any others, it accepts my access code and sends me back to the main status page.  I am stuck in  a terrible loop.


Is there any way to fix this?  I'm at a loss. 

I considered hitting the factory reset button, but what exactly does this do?  I don't mind losing any basic settings as I didn't have any to start with.  Will the gateway find and reconnect to AT&T with my account on its own though?  The day they changed everything around, I was never given a login or password for the account or any actual information.  Part of me just assumed with the newer digital line they installed, it just knew based on location/phone number it was connected to.

Please help me in how to get things back to normal.  The internet is working still, but I can no longer access any part of the device. 

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‎02-03-2016 8:42 PM

Re: NVG510 Issues - Loops after entering access code; factory reset

Factory reset will not disable your service. The box should reconnect on its own and may have to do an update (usually with in about 15 mins). A factory reset just clears al lcustom information stored on the router like custom wifi settings back to as they came when the modem was installed

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Re: NVG510 Issues - Loops after entering access code; factory reset

Thank you for the fast response!  I shall give it a try.  Definitely taking a little getting used to with this gateway router compared to the old regular one I had. 

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