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NVG510 Bridge Mode???


NVG510 Bridge Mode???

Just switched from DSL (Motorola 2210) to UVerse (Motorola NVG510). I set the 2210 into bridge mode and ran my home network from an Apple Airport Extreme Base Station (AEBS). I have some complex configurations on my network and figured I'd be able to do the same thing with the NVG510. However, it seems the NVG510 uses different terminology than I am used to.


Under Firewall/IP Passthrough, I set:

Allocation Mode to 'Passthrough'

Passthrough Mode to 'DHCPS-Fixed'

Passthrough Fixed MAC Address to the AEBS' MAC address

And, I left the Lease at the default 10 minutes.


On the AEBS, under Internet/Internet Connection, I switched from 'PPPoE' to 'Ethernet'. I left the Ethernet WAN Port value at 'Automatic (Default)'. And Connection Sharing is set to 'Share a public IP address'.


This apparently is not enough, though. The AEBS reports that the "Wi-Fi base station does not have a valid IP address", and that there is a "Conflicting DHCP Range".


How do I turn off the DHCP on the NVG510? And, what are the correct settings to put the NVG510 into bridged mode?

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Re: NVG510 Bridge Mode???

Bridging the NVG with another router (mine is a Cisco E3200)


After these instructions I had to change my Cisco to STATIC and manually add the to the Cisco settings and add the to the gateway. I put in Open DNS numbers and all worked well.  

My router did not work in DHCP because it was being assigned the NVG's IP wan address. That did not work at all.

Now I am able to bring up the NVG510's web page through my Cisco, which is great.


As a side note, the instructions say to go to after setting the ip to and saving. Since the router's ip was changed you need to use the number instead of the 192 number.

So far working very well, hope nothing changes.....






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Re: NVG510 Bridge Mode???

Hi - after many VERY frustrating weeks, I was able to set up my NVG510 per the instructions on this site (http://www.ron-berman.com/2011/11/24/motorola-nvg510-help-page-for-att-u-verse-users/). Seems to be working (it has been a couple of weeks). But I have one issue - I don't know how to get to the NVG510 admin interface from behind my second router (i.e. the router that the NVG510 is passing through to). Is my only option to connect directly (physically) to the NVG510? Any suggestions? Thanks!

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Re: NVG510 Bridge Mode???

Make certain that the lan side of your router is not using the 192.168.1.xxx subnet.  If it is, change to 192.168.0 or .2, then point your browser to  This is the NVG510's lan side IP.  Also, if you have purchased multiple public addresses form ATT, then the last one from the list they gave you should.  These are different from the broadband IP address.  Example, the system I just got through setting up the "public addresses the ATT gave me to use started with 99.30.xxx.xxx it included the wan side public address, the lan public address, and four additional public addresses.  ATT said I could set up the sub-net and dhcp to these and the vpn would work.   I had to set manual passthrough to the wan side MAC address of my router and use the broadband IP which was 108.xxx.xxx.xxx. 

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Re: NVG510 Bridge Mode???

The long-awaited firmware update is apparently now arriving. See this post:

Re: DNS on the NVG510


Summary: if you're suddenly getting error messages, try rebooting your router and NVG510. If everything works, check out the firmware version on the NVG510: 9.0.6h0d48 was the previous version. 9.0.6h2d21 is what's showing now. 6 months after it was due... wow! Hopefully we'll find it was worth the wait!


Oh, and still no bridge mode. I guess IP Passthrough is the new bridge mode where this gateway is concerned...

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Re: NVG510 Bridge Mode???

Okay, my testing shows this upgrade doesn't fix the DNS issues; however, some other posts suggest good news for PPTP users:

Re: PPTP VPN fails to work after installing Motorolla NVG510


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Re: NVG510 Bridge Mode???

Well..  I've finally had enough (for awhile). After almost 10 months of IP passthru to a Cisco RVS4000 VPN router, I'm taking a breather. I had the RVS4000 in operation for about 5 months (before) on DSL in TRUE Bridge mode without a problem. Switching to U-Verse with the NVG510 in Passthru I can run for a month or two then one day I can't access certain websites (like yahoo.com) without reseting both the NVG510 and RVS4000. I'll run with the NVG510 for 2-3 months to see if my "outages" are strictly isolated to the NVG510 (and or AT&T service since AT&T's techs always point to my RVS4000 as the likely culprit).


What I'm giving up by using only the NVG510 is the ability to "loopback" to access my FTP server and security/home automation system, which currently uses a single interface from an iPhone/Anrdroid and VPN aceess to my home network (provided by my VPN router). I hope to add VPN duties to my FTP server (if I'm stuck in this configuration). The other major feature I'm losing is the ability to monitor attacks and probes to my intranet routed to a syslog server. This has helped me to be more proactive in securing my machines from outside attacks.


I'll continue to monitor this thread to see how eveybodies doing and to see if a true Bridge Mode becomes a reality.   

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Re: NVG510 Bridge Mode???

I've had to reboot my router and NVG510 every few months. Whenever you have to do it, check the logs on the NVG510. It looks like AT&T is remotely updating the NVG510 from time to time. After a remote update, everything needs to be restarted, but there's nothing that tells you that - it just starts working erratically.

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Re: NVG510 Bridge Mode???



I am about to have u-verse Internet and Voice installed (upgrading from separate DSL and analog phone service from ATT).  I have a large AEBS home network, and plan to utilize bridge / ip passthrough mode on the NVG510 modem / router.  My question is, will setting up the NVG510 in bridge / passthrough mode in any way affect u-verse voice and / or u-verse TV service [assuming I add  TV services at a later date]?





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Re: NVG510 Bridge Mode???

For those still having troubles connecting to systems inside your network from the outside (like web servers, remote desktop, etc), the thing that worked for me was the disable all the advanced firewall options.

Since I am not using the NVG as a firewall and instead passing it through to my E2000, turning it off allowed the access I needed.
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Re: NVG510 Bridge Mode???

Please don't even me started with this mess. They have been giving me the run around with this gateway for a week now and I need this to work for my job and apparently they don't understand English or something...no pun intended. They really have me ready to go else where. I have internet access with this gateway, however I too need it bridged out and this is so I can add a router to it. So they have yet another technician coming out tomorrow to tell me the same thing...I'm flipping on them this time...so sick of this crap!
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Re: NVG510 Bridge Mode???

I asked that question and they said that "once you are on Uverse you can't go back to DSL." and they are so-called getting rid of this antiquated technology...however they need to cool their heels...the old stuff works way better than this new combo crap they have going on that they are throwing out like hot cakes!
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Re: NVG510 Bridge Mode???

I'm Back!!!


After months of using just the NVG510 as my router, decided to put my foot back in the water (NVG510 in Passthrough mode again).


Back story: I was a DSL subscriber using the Netgear FVS318G then upgraded to the Cisco RVS4000 before getting tricked into upgrading from DSL to U-Verse. Could never get the FVS318G working with the NVG510 but the RVS4000 worked at first but after a month would need resetting weekly, then daily, then every couple of hours. I switched back to the NVG510 only but losing loopback, VPN and other neat features provided by every other vender.


(BTW: Tested both the FVS318G and RVS4000 on a friend's (old) DSL and they both work there.)


In January I purchased a cheap WRT54GL and installed an older stable build of DD-WRT on the router and put the NVG510 back in Passthrough mode. I ran it for a month with absolutely no issues. It even fixed that annoying problem of side (ad) banners timing out and showing a "can't display webpage" error.


I was so confident that I installed that router in a family member's Comcast setup (to remotely manage their setup) for them and it's working great for them (and me).


I then purchased an Asus RT-N16 (faster processor) and installed another later version on it and have been playing with it since the first of Feb. No problems. Everythings working (again).


What I have tested and found satisfactory:

1. VPN out

2. VPN from Android phone to router allowing me to access home resources.

3. VPN to my unsecured FTP server.

4. Port forwarding to get to my FTPS (secure server).

5. Port forwarding to get to my secure home automation/security server.

6. Loopback.

7. Syslogging router logs to a linux server.


What AT&T needs to do:

1. Get the passthrough mode to pass down the WAN IP like it says it's supposed to do in the right hand banner description of command behavior.



In the coming weeks I'll be turning on IPv6 and see how my intranet, the NVG510 and my router behave.


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Re: NVG510 Bridge Mode???

Thanks! I was able to use this info to use my Belkin router.

A couple of questions: Do the beginning and ending IP addresses have to be the same?

- Under Home Network, then Subnets & DHCP, I set the following:

Device IPv4 Address: <the IP address I want to use for the RG (the default is, which is okay too)>

DHCPv4 Start Address: <some IP address within the RG's subnet (say>

DHCPv4 End Address:  <the same IP address as the Start Address, above (since I'm not using the NVG510's DHCP)>


My Sonos music player does NOT work with the Belkin router and I was hoping to be able to connect it directly to the UVerse router.  Can my beginning address be and end with


I've not been able to get my Sonos player to work.  Wondering if it might be the player itself but that's another post for which I will search.

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Re: NVG510 Bridge Mode???

If you want to use your Belkin router's DHCP you will have to set your NVG510 to a different subnet.

NVG510's Device IPv4 Address=

                                  Submask of

DHCP Start Address

DHCP Ending Address                           (had this way to only to test some test equipment)


Passthru mode DHCPS-Fixed with the mac address of my router.


My Router's address is with its DHCP handing out addresses in the and any static addresses use


This allows me to access both NVG510 and my router's web page by addressing their IPv4 addresses.


All servers can access the internet and outside in can access via VPN, FTPS or any other access methods I've set up.


Just make sure after you configure eveything you power off/on the NVG510 and wait for it to detect and logon before you power on your router then your PCs. Give each layer a couple of minutes each before moving onto the next.

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Re: NVG510 Bridge Mode???

"Can my beginning address be and end with"


Yes, @peteajr, you can set the NVG510 to have multiple addresses and attach multiple devices to it. The problem is that the IP address setup on your NVG510 must be different than the IP setup on your Belkin. Remember that part that says for example: "if the RG is 192.168.1.x, the AEBS is 192.168.2.x"? That's going to prevent your Sonos from connecting with the other stuff on the Belkin side.


What exactly do you mean when you say the "Sonos music player does NOT work with the Belkin router"? What happens when you're using it with the Belkin? Try following the instructions at the following link, as you've likely changed your Belkin settings a bit to make it work with the NVG510:


Controller recognizes components but is not able to connect

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