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Motorola NVG589 port forwarding


Motorola NVG589 port forwarding

U Vers replaced my 2-Wire with the  NVG589, I have several security camers installed and i am trying to set up port forwarding for them. They left me no manual. I have tried web searches, nothing. I was able to set the cameras up on the 2-wire, the Foscam web site does not have anything for the 589. on the NVG589 I set up in Nat/gaming what I thought was correct but outside the house I can not gain access. it states "Privite Network" "this camera is on a privite network and will not work". typically when port forwarding it sets up a http address. I cant find where or how it does that.

so I need help please.


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Re: Motorola NVG589 port forwarding

David - I just got static ip's setup and can see the in the section under Home Network / Subnets and DHCP.

I even assigned one of my machines with one of those new shiny public IP addresses, and while that machine can talk to the world, the world can not talk back ... i.e., trying to get a web server setup on that new static ip, but port 80 is used/blocked by the GW.

So, I would guess that there is a config issue with these static ip's where they are not truly passed through the GW and I have full control of the ports, which is the reason for the static ip's.

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Re: Motorola NVG589 port forwarding

Hi pkasson,


I defiintely apologize about the inconveniences. The great news is you have the hard part done. The NVG589 has a firewall behind it that may be blocking some traffic, and the easiest fix is to setup "Passthrough" mode to a device or a secondary router so you can bypass that firewall.


Here is a link to an article from a fellow community member that goes through the process.


Hope this helps.


-David T

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Re: Motorola NVG589 port forwarding

I have just had a Motorola NVG 589 router put in for my Uverse Internet and tv. It has been working for a month. However I have just had a camera security system put in and reading all over the internet that you have to get a second router to put behind the ATT router and do a passthrough on the ATT router. I had a computer tech here for 6 hours trying to get access to these cameras and the system from outside the lan and the ATT router will not allow passthrough. The tech had another 4 techs helping him, they couldn't do it either. The router will not open port 9000. Will not allow passthrough. In fact will not do anything. The support given by ATT Tech support was APPALLing. They put the phone down on us 3 times because they could not fix it. I dread to think what my cell phone bill for all that wasted time is. The upshot of the whole thing is that come Monday if the supervisor that I ended up complaining to cannot sort this all out I will be cancelling Uverse and going to a competitor.


We did everything that was given to us by the forums and the tech guys ,nothing worked. The supervisor is trying to blame the make of camera, however it did not work with the last 2 camera systems that we tried as well, wired and wireless. Oh well....bad day...anyone else have similar problems?


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Re: Motorola NVG589 port forwarding

Daw, I have this same issue, Trying to remotely connect via Iphone app to the Foscam FI8910 camera and cant get through the NVG589. Did you ever solve this issue? Any help is appreciated.
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Re: Motorola NVG589 port forwarding

Hi all, 


wish I would have read this last week, but I need to know.  So, if I have a NVG589 modem, I cannot do a standard Port Forwarding of my Q-See DVR camera system ?  This will be a deal breaker for me.  I was told by the tech, who installed this U-Verse system that it shouldn't be a problem.  I tried for a couple hours today with no luck.  I do get motion alerts on my iPhone via the SMTP routing, but I cannot view the cameras on my phone through a live feed.


Any ideas?  Do I have add my old router onto this modem to make this work?  


Any help or advice is super appreciated!!

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Re: Motorola NVG589 port forwarding

Hi there.  


I have had uVerse for 6 years using the 2WIRE Gateway.  Today, new service started.  Long story short, had to cancel old and get new, so I could get "new customer" promotions and pricing.  


So....New DVR and New Motorola NVG589.  I also have Foscam F8910 AND a Swann 8 channel DVR with 4 cameras connected.


Keep in mind, ALL was working on the old system.  I could see all cameras from within the network and outside the network.  Viewing from "outside" the network was accomplished by turning off wi-fi and allowing LTE/4G to connect on the phone.


I was able to get the Foscam to work using Port Forwarding on the NVG589.  I can see Foscam from inside and outside the network.


The SwannView system though...issues.  I know port forwarding is correct because I can see all 4 cameras on LTE/4G.  When I am connected to my network, only 1 camera works.  It will randomly connect to one camera at a time.  The moment i turn wifi off, LTE/4G connects, ALL 4 cameras work.


Been scratching my head on this all night last night and all day this morning.


Hope I can figure this out soon.  A tech is coming out to replace some hardware due to other recorded playback issues I am having with the DVR.

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Re: Motorola NVG589 port forwarding

I was able to successfully connect my Foscam FW8910 to the NVG589. I can see the camera from the Foscam App on iPhone both inside and outside my network. Let me know if you still need help on this.
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Re: Motorola NVG589 port forwarding

Pgamboa,  (Hope this isn't a dupe msg, tried replying a few min. ago but didn't show up.)


I too have some Foscam cameras and seem to be unable to connect from the outside world.

All worked with my old Uverse modem/router, but when I got this new NVG589 no luck.


My port forwarding looks like this: (Both local IP's are set up as static)



Service Ports Device Delete

9821 Cam1TCP/UDP: 8090-8091192.168.1.80
9805W Cam2TCP/UDP: 88192.168.1.111


but when I access my Uverse IP:8090 (as an example) I get the Foscam login screen, however when I put in my password I get the twirly circle for a few seconds followed by "Login Failed, try again later."


Any help would be appreciated.  




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Re: Motorola NVG589 port forwarding

So I went ahead and removed my secondary router (D-Link) and went with just the 589 and created Port Forwarding rules for both Port 85 and 37777 in the NAT/Gaming tab. This work well with only one hiccup. I can view my system inside and outside my network with the Q-see App on my Iphone. I can view the cameras within my network using my laptop. The only thing I cannot do, is view these cameras from my work desktop. I have the Qsee DDNS set up properly, as I am using that on my phone and it works fine. I do not have the pass-through turned on, as I a plugged directly into the NVG589. When I do a network trace from my work to home, it times out after the last destination ( cr2.sffca.ip.att.net)

Do any of the AT&T folks on here have any idea why this is?
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Re: Motorola NVG589 port forwarding

I spent literally days on this and made the huge mistake of using the wrong public ip address.  Be sure and click on the broadband link and use the Broadband IP4 address as your external IP.  That would have saved me hours and hours.

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Re: Motorola NVG589 port forwarding

I'm in the same boat as many others and was wondering if anyone found a way to forward ports with the NVG589.  I'm trying to connect to a security camera DVR using DNS service which worked fine with comcast until I switched to Uverse this week.  I went to NAT/Gaming and added the ports (total of 3 for this DVR, one for media, one for the DVR itself and one for iPhone access) under manage custom services, then found them in the drop down list and added them to the address of the DVR.  No joy.  I tried different variations of IP passthrough settings but nothing seems to work.  I'd rather not add another router to get this to work.  


Could it be that there is no way to enter the DNS service information (that I could find)?  




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Re: Motorola NVG589 port forwarding

Yes, this is very frustrating.  I just had my NVG589 installed as an upgrade from the 2-Wire and now I'm having no luck w/ port forwarding.  This can't just 'not work'...at least it's hard to imagine in 2014 that ATT would send out a router with these limitations.  There has to be a missed setting (I hope).  My installer just said plug in the 2-wire router with the NV589 and it would magically work...amazing.  Of course, he bolted as he was saying this. 


OK, hours later, after trying almost every combination and driving my kids nuts w/ rebooting, I caved and installed a passthrough router.  Since I have 6 cameras and several other items w/ static IPs with 192.168.1.x, I made a few adjustments different than what the others recommend.  I changed my NVG589 (apparently that means "Not Very Good") to so I could keep my 192.168.1.xxx in my original router.   I pass a WAN address of to the router and have that as my static router WAN address.  Once I did that and did DefaultServer Passthrough to the same WAN address, everything just worked again.  What a pain.  How sad this couldn't be anything normal.

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Re: Motorola NVG589 port forwarding



It turns out you were right.  AT&T did not provide a router than can't have ports forwarded.  I know because I finally got mine to work!  But it took a lot of trial and error.  I am happy to say that it can be done.  I have a security camera system DVR that worked fine on comcast.  I had to forward 3 ports for it to work.  Unfortuatey I tried a lot of different things so I don't know what the exact cause was, but I'll tell you what I have set up now.  This is all for a NVG589 that was delivered and installed on 6-6-14


First, you do not need IP passthrough 'on' to forward the ports.  You also don't need to fiddle with packet filtering!  You also don't need another router. I believe everything can be done from the NAT/Gaming screen.  


I had followed the directions for setting up port forwarding found elsewhere (I went to NAT/Gaming and added the ports (total of 3 for this DVR, one for media, one for the DVR itself and one for iPhone access) under manage custom services, then found them in the drop down list and added them to the address of the DVR).  I would then try to ping the port from canyouseeme.org but it didn't see the ports.  


I don't know which of these things finally helped, but here are some of the things I did that night when I got it to work:  I changed my DVR from fixed IP to DHCP  and rebooted.  That didn't help so I switched it back to fixed and rebooted again (maybe the rebooting process helped, though I had rebooted it several times before that).  I also setup the allowable IP addresses so that the router doesn't assign the fixed IP address that the DVR is on to any other devices on the LAN.  That is done on the subnet and DHCP page, I left the left the DHCPv4 start address to the default and changed the DHCPv4 ending address so that my DVR's address was outside of that range.  I didn't change any of the advanced firewall settings (factory default).  I checked in Windows 7 the firewall advanced settings and there was a DVR rule, but once I got it working, it didn't matter whether that rule was enabled or not.  Finally I deleted the forwarded ports that I had set up and re-entered them, but this time I left the base host port blank - when I clicked add, the software filled that in automatically (so if my range was 80 to 80, it filled in the base as 80 also).


As I say, I don't know which or if any of these things did it, but at least you know it can be done and what settings can be ignored and which to fool with. 


Also, one thing I know I had wrong was that I was also checking connectivity from the WAN by using my iPhone, but it was still set up with DDNS service which I hadn't set up in the NVG589 (turns out you can't use it with this RG anyway).  But I may not need DNS anymore since it appears that the IP address doesn't change very often, if at all).


Good luck!



Oh one more thing, I used TCP/UDP for the type of port when adding them since I figured I'd have better odds of it working.   But that's the way I initially set it up so who knows.

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Re: Motorola NVG589 port forwarding

I just searched the manual here and it looks like DDNS can be set up, but it must be done through a telnet window, not the GUI.  They talk about it on page 142.  I'm going to leave mine as is for now to see how long the IP address lasts.

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Re: Motorola NVG589 port forwarding

Yes, manxgirl, I have a very similar problem.


I called AT&T over a month ago and spent some time with one guy on the phone. He said his attempts to do something with the ports (81-85) didn't work and it would need to be escalated.

The next guy in line, some supervisor, told me I'd need to pay an extra $15/mo for "additional support!" I was like no way!

But I think along the way they blocked the ports intentionally because after the call I started getting a "connection refused" instead of connection timed out message on canyouseeme.org.


I have to think that they're completely blocking this port range, as I've exasperated myself trying to follow Q-See's instructions, which explicitly address U-Verse and particularly the type of Motorola modem router that I have.


It's ridiculous that they block these and you can't monitor your own DVR. I can see it internally on the 192 address, on my PC or smartphone, but not externally. It's totally blocked from what I can tell.

But if an AT&T rep can come on here and tell me differently, I'd sure like to hear it, because nothing has worked so far, and I don't even think I can disable (temporarily) AT&T's firewall to simply test it.

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