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Motorola NVG589 Port Color Question


Motorola NVG589 Port Color Question

Hello all. Had Uverse internet and TV installed this past Friday. Install went well, everything seems to be working fine (except that I only have SD, apparently the person who took my order didn't hear I wanted basic HD as well; I'll straighten that out on Monday).


Here is my concern, however. Before the on prem tech left he noted that he told me he could not get a complete "all green" compliance test. Also, the etherner port on the back of the Motorola NVG589 gateway where the ethernet cable goes from the gateway to the DVR is blinking an "orange" (maybe some would call it amber). The thing is, I am getting internet (although a speed test only shows 4 mbps down when I am paying for 12 mbps), and the SD channels that I am getting seem fine. So the question is, does anyone know what an "orange/amber" light on the gateway's port might indicate? The on prem tech says he'll get back with me on Monday and see if its cleared. Before he left he was acting like if everything is working fine then why mess with replacing the gateway. But I'm not comfortable with a brand new install and a warning light already appearing.


Anyone have any thoughts on what orange/amber means for the port light and if I should just "accept" the gateway I have if everything seems to be working okay?


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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: Motorola NVG589 Port Color Question

According to the manual that I found on the FCC website, the orange /amber indication on the Ethenet Ports 1-4 represents a Gigabit Ethertnet Connection. If it is solid green then when there is a 10/100 Mb connection.


The flashing signifies the Ethernet Traffic.

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Re: Motorola NVG589 Port Color Question

So can someone explain the difference between a Gigabit connection and 10/100? Not sure which one I should have to be honest. Is this normal? If normal I'm surprised the tech had never seen it before.

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Re: Motorola NVG589 Port Color Question

Robert Willis, thank you for the tip off. I have confirmed this with a networking manager at AT&T. Your information is correct. Question answered.

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