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Motorola NVG589 - New U-verse Gateway?


Motorola NVG589 - New U-verse Gateway?

I posted this over at Dslreports.com but figured I would post it here too.


I was looking at the Motorola website and found this...

Lists this product as
"Motorola NVG589 Bonded VDSL 11N Gateway"


Seems to be an IPTV/Internet/VOIP modem.



Would be pointless to make a battery/modem specifically for a service that wouldn't use it, wouldn't it ?


I wonder what the ADSL2+ gateway would be then? The 5111NV? I guess if they somehow don't use this then it'll be the Pace 5168NV for both ADSL2+/VDSL2.

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Re: Motorola NVG589 - New U-verse Gateway?

I have a somewhat unique problem with my gateway that I hope someone else has already seen and resolved.


I'm running a couple of corporate VPN phones behind my RG, one a Cisco 9971 and the other is an Avaya 9650.  Both have VPN firmware loads.  The Avaya VPN connection is rock-solid and never drops.  The Cisco phone is another story completely.  I get VPN tunnel drops for no apparent reason, typically after I've been on a call.  The call will work great and then within a couple of minutes of completion, the phone will unregister and I have to manually re-login using my VPN pin & token.


The one difference between the two devices is that the Cisco phone uses SSL and I believe the Avaya phone uses IPSec.


Any thoughts or suggestions?

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Re: Motorola NVG589 - New U-verse Gateway?

I just got a free upgrade from the 3800HGV-B to this new Motorola NVG589, and it's AWESOME! Wireless N (FINALLY!), with great range, and IP Pass through, as advertised. It has a lot of awesome features, except the 1GB setting on the LAN ports killed all my wired clients when I enabled it. Still, overall, I'd cut off my left foot before going back to a 2Wire.
Now all that's left is to do a security audit on it and see what's open to the outside. The 2Wire has 51001TCP open, which is no longer used, and subject to quite a few MITM (Man In The Middle) attacks, as well as other things that male it inherently insecure.
Once again, I can confirm its Triple Play, easily configured, and so far very, very awesome.
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Re: Motorola NVG589 - New U-verse Gateway?

I want to fax from my PC using Windows Fax&Scan. Where do I connect by PC's internal modem to the MVG589. There is a single Phone 1/Phone 2 port.


Or, can I send a fax to the phone line directly from the PC to the MVG589 and out?

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Re: Motorola NVG589 - New U-verse Gateway?

Georgia retiree - Old fashioned fax - uses a tel modem to apply the image to a tone riding the tel call. It is connected via the tel1/2 jack as you say.

You could disconnect the current connection, plug-in the FAX modem, send the fax, then restore the original connection.

You say you want a tel connected at the same time. Most FAX machines have a second jack for that. Maybe not on a FAX modem for a computer.

You can get a two set one line splitter.

If your line is currently connected to the wall, you can plug the FAX modem into any wall jack that has dial tone.

If you send a FAX image over the internet connection, it usually goes to a third party that sends it to a fax machine via tel.

Not sure why computer to computer fax never replaced the old style that rides the tel line,
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Re: Motorola NVG589 - New U-verse Gateway?

Wow, can't believe this thread is chugging around still lol.


It's weird that it's already been a year and almost 3 months since I posted it and it doesn't even seem that long ago since the NVG589 came out.

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Re: Motorola NVG589 - New U-verse Gateway?

I have a Motorola NVG589.


Started out with a little 2210. Then we got U-verse on our street. But just Internet on our side of the street while the people on the other side get everything.


So, we upgraded the Internet service and got some kind of U-verse modem that was awful. We struggled with it for about 3 months and they finally came out and gave us the Motorola NVG589.


Now that thing worked great!


We had it about a month then we upgraded to business service for 5 bucks more a month and got another modem - 5031MV.


So the NVG589 has been sitting on my desk for awhile and I finally called for a shipping label to send it in so I wouldn’t get charged for it.


They said it’s mine because I paid for it. Who knew?


I figured I would sell it on eBay but when I looked around there were none there. Then I Googled it and there are none for sale anywhere.


Anyone have any idea how much I should ask for it on eBay? I don’t even know how much I paid for it but since I did I’d like to get something back for it.


Thanks in advance!

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Re: Motorola NVG589 - New U-verse Gateway?

The answer is simple. The 2-wire battery is going on everyone --- if i didn't go in the basement, I wouldn't have heard the beeping. So, when they get the call, they send a guy with this one, who did what he could, but missed setting up my printer, so I figured it out.


But, I still had a question and I came here and worked it out.


Didn't realize the onld 2-wire was interfereing with my transmissions. This new one sped up a bunch,

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Re: Motorola NVG589 - New U-verse Gateway?

How do you go about getting one of the new gateways?  My parents have service with a 3800 gateway which sucks but everytime I call tech support they do not know about the new model and say the current one is appropriate.  They currently lease the modem from AT&T

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Re: Motorola NVG589 - New U-verse Gateway?

if request new RG shipped will receive the 3801 RG. This is similar to 3800 but better sensitive at longer loop lengths and improved wifi signal.

the newer 589.. summer 2013... is only available from a tech service call. Requires a 4 hour appointment window plus tech should do an inspection to verify install is up to current standards.

The 3800 is still being used. I installed one yesterday in an MDU 4 family 800 feet from VRAD with 1 DVR and 6M internet. All tests passing.

As the 3800 is designed for less than 2200 feet single pair and the ports can support 100M while the best speed available on a 3800 profile is 24. The ports can handle 4 times the data that is available so no real need to upgrade just for the sake of upgrading.

Do your parts have tv service with Uverse... yes need to continue lease 3800 3801 or 589 all $7 per month.
No... return the 3800 and purchase a 5031 RG for $100 similiar to 3801 without TV support. Still would need tech visit appointment to acquire the 5031 as orders shipped are 3600 which is similar to 3800.
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Re: Motorola NVG589 - New U-verse Gateway?

When I contacted tech support they said that on the 3800/3801 series was available and if I had a tech come out they would not have a different model available.  I do not want to be potentially charged - is the 589 only available in certain areas?  - My parents have service in Troy, Michigan.

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Re: Motorola NVG589 - New U-verse Gateway?

When I click on the link to obtain the Admin manual to the Motorola NVG589 all I get is an error screen. How about giving me the link, again?

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ACE - Expert

Re: Motorola NVG589 - New U-verse Gateway?

That is called a dead link, the bane of the Internet.  There may not be another publicly available copy.  Was there anything in particular you hoped to learn from the manual?



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