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Loss of Internet speed.

Loss of Internet speed.

On Monday (7/22), sometime in the afternoon, our 18meg Uverse internet connection dropped to unusable rates of speed of around 1-2 meg.

Since then, I have recycled the modem multiple times.  I've unplugged the modem and the data cable from the wall and let set for 20 minutes before restarting. I've restarted network switches.


So far, when I do this I can get speeds back based on online speed tests but speeds degrade back down to 1-2 meg in a matter of minutes again.


Everything in the house is impacted by the speed issues, including phones on wi-fi.


We've not experienced this issue in the years of having service.

Diagnostic tests on the router and on AT&Ts site say there are no outages in our area, so I'm at a loss as to what is happening.


Any ideas on what to check into next?  Right now, Speed test is showing Ping 194, Download 3.43, Upload .58


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‎07-25-2019 4:58 AM

Re: Loss of Internet speed.

Your description sounds like saturated upload... Cameras, drop box, video or running torrents.


There are (2) 18 internets. ADSL2+ with no Uverse IPTV option has 1M upload while VDSL is 18/1.5 overprovisoned would be around 20/2. In eith e case does not take much to saturate upload speed.


Turn all devices off.

Factory reset the gateway.

Connect 1 device only see how speeds are over 5 minutes. If ok connect a 2nd device repeat process. 


My first thought is a camera system continually sending uploads. May be something else but start by using 1 device at a time... 

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Re: Loss of Internet speed.

I think you nailed it.  I reinstalled Windows on a machine over the weekend. Got on it and it was 26hrs into a cloud backup!



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