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Linksys BEFSR41v4 router behind 3800HGV-B Gateway


Linksys BEFSR41v4 router behind 3800HGV-B Gateway

From the posts I have read this has been discussed ad naseum however here we go again.

I added a Linksys BEFRS41v4 behind the RG in order to gain more ports after adding a new Pioneer AV receiver that has Internet access. The Linksys WAN is connected to one of RG LAN ports and I have 4 devices behind the Linksys including a desktop PC on Windows XP, Pioneer AV, Blu Ray player, and Smart TV.


The RG is set with the default IPs of 192.168.1.x with a subnet of

The Linksys is set as local with DHCP enabled, subnet I have it set to hand out 50 DHCP addresses. The Linksys GW the devices behind it get are which is the local IP of the Linksys and the DNS Server the Linksys hands out is the RG address

I have the Linksys added in the RG DMZ and the RG has it registered at address, same address as the RG.


All the devices on the Linksys are able to access the Internet. From the Win XP machine that is behind the Linksys I can browse the RG admin at and also the Pioneer web browser also behind the Linksys at From the Win XP that is behind the Linksys I can ping devices on the RG, including my smartphone which is connected to the RG Wireless and has a 192.168.1.xx address.


From PCs on either the RG or on the Linksys I can Ping the Linksys Router at


What I cannot do is receive incoming traffic to the devices behind the Linksys. For example the Win XP PC that previoulsy was connected to the RG and acted as a Media Server PC for Uverse Media Share. It is now behind the Linksys and Uverse Media Share can't find it. Media Share can find it if I move it back from the 192.168.2 network to the 192.168.1 network. There are a couple of more examples but that seems to be enough to explain. It appears I can receive traffic from the Linksys to and through the RG but cannot receive inbound traffic through the RG to the Linksys or at least through the Linksys to the connected devices. Ping from RG devices to Linksys devices fails.
I have done some testing with ststic IPs on the Linksys such as adding static  DNS to the Linksys, using the DNS 1 and DNS 2 from the RG. I've also set up the Linksys as a local address of and with the Linksys handing out addresses to the devices but failure to access the devices behind the Linksys still seems to be the main problem.


If the devices behind the Linksys need to be static that is OK. In actuality that is what I ultimately want so that the AV always has the same address.





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Re: Linksys BEFSR41v4 router behind 3800HGV-B Gateway

Is the only purpose for adding the Linksys to your network was to get more Ethernet ports?

If so, then you don't need a router, you need a switch.
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Re: Linksys BEFSR41v4 router behind 3800HGV-B Gateway

Thanks Joe.

Yes adding more ports was the sole reason. 4 ports, well 3 subtracing the one from RG to STB, was no longer sufficient.

I sort of suspected a switch was the answer but I had the old Linksys in a box in a closet unused and thought I would give it a try. I did get close, in fact the only thing I could not get working was inbound traffic like Media Share.


At one point, as a test, I even tried connecting RG LAN to Linksys LAN but was 1 port short of my needs and it seemed to cut my bandwidth in half.



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Re: Linksys BEFSR41v4 router behind 3800HGV-B Gateway

Yep, the older routers, especially of the Linksys brand, don't have a lot of processing power to handle a lot of bandwidth, even on the switching side.

Look for the NetGear GS-108 switch. It's a Gigabit Ethernet switch and is known to work well with the U-Verse equipment.

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Re: Linksys BEFSR41v4 router behind 3800HGV-B Gateway

Thanks SomeJoe7777. I have been a Uverse customer for several years and usually if I am looking for solution to an issue, your responses are my measuring stick. They are always concise, point to the root issue, and the solution steps are well written.

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