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Line stats/noise margin


Line stats/noise margin

I know there are a lot of factors that play into this..but isn't a noise margin of 6 bare minimum?
Also not sure if I should be concerned about the error counts given the uptime of an hour or so...
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Re: Line stats/noise margin

Haven't had any problems yet just got service up and running a couple of hours ago. Just making sure everything is where it should be.
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‎05-04-2017 5:50 PM

Re: Line stats/noise margin

Yes on ADSL2+ accounts 6 up/down  is bare minimum, can work slightly below with some intermitrent rebooting.

For VDSL accounts 9 on down and 6 on up is minimum.


With your stats your a 10/1 account (ACCESS?)

Generally the gateway will elimante bad frequency ranges and your stats should improve slightly over the next day or 2.

Expected gateway installed on these types of accounts would be the Pace 5031.

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Re: Line stats/noise margin

Yes service is 10/1. They actually gave me an arris nvg589.
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Re: Line stats/noise margin

They originally sent me the 5031, but it wasn't connecting and the tech said that they sent an email out a month or so ago saying they were having problems with those rg's and not to use them.
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Re: Line stats/noise margin

How do you check the amount of noise on the line.  I have a new hp OfficeJet Pro 8710.  It works fine, but will not fax because it says there is too much noise on the line.  Could this be a phone line problem.  I stayed on the phone with HP for an hour and 15 minutes and he could not find any problem with the printer or the line setup.  

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