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Is there a list of ATT compatible modems available


Is there a list of ATT compatible modems available

I just bought a TV with internet access and would like to update my wireless modem from 802.11g to at least 802.11n, and would like to get a ATT compatible wireless modem . Is there a list of wireless modem compatible with the ATT input?


I am also looking into 802.11ac wireless medem Is there a list of ATT compatible 802.11ac wireless modems?


If there is not compatible modem will connecting the ATT modem with the new router with an Ethernet cable and turning off the ATT wireless transmission work?




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Re: Is there a list of ATT compatible modems available



     Here is a link with a few modems that are available through ATT.


ATT DSL Modems


     If purchasing from an outside source you can usually find out compatibility on their website, or if purchasing from a box store a sales rep should know, if he or she is not sure, ask someone who is.


     I couldn't find any 802.11ac modems on ATT website but 802.11ac is compatible with 802.11n equipment so you could go ahead and get a 802.11 ac and everything will still work properly, that's not to say you'd get 5GHz Wifi speeds without the client and router to support it.


I hope this answered your questions,


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