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Internet Connecting / Disconnecting


Internet Connecting / Disconnecting

Hi All,

Just switched to new NVG589 gateway. Old 2WIRE was bad. When I boot up HP Win 8.1 desktop with wired conection it connects and disconnects for about 15 mins then finally stays connected. Spent hours with ATT and HP support. Each more or less blames the other. No connection problems with the old 2 WIRE. I also have 8 year old Win XP machine and it is working fine with new gateway. Is anyone having a similar problem. Thanks for your attention.

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Re: Internet Connecting / Disconnecting

You said your 2wire went bad, sometimes what goes bad on those modem/routers is the power adapter and usually with a new power adapter it solves alot of those issues with those routers.Give it a try if that 2wire worked better before.

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Re: Internet Connecting / Disconnecting

Thanks for the reply but I no longer have the old 2WIRE box. ATT took it away when they installed the new one.

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